November 22, 2017

5 Reasons Why Dance and Tumbling Will Change Your Toddler’s Brain

Bravo DanceReason 1: Structure

They learn structured skills in dance and tumbling which allows their brain to use the structured part of it and it will follow your child everywhere; which is a great thing to have. Not only will they be able to pick up on structure and use it in the dance class but at home as well as in school.


Reason 2: Balance

You Must know how to balance on two feet in order to walk and even balance different activities throughout the day. So with learning physical and mental balance in the dance or tumbling class, your child’s brain will be open to learning more things at one time. Kind of like multitasking. This can help at home when asking your child to do chores make it fun for them. Instead of saying make your bed have them sing a song or dance around and make their beds at the same time. Not only does this make making the bed fun but it allows their brain to work a little harder and focus on two things at once.


Reason 3: Discipline

They are being taught how to use different parts of their bodies in different ways. For example: it takes a lot of discipline for your brain to do a pirouette turn because you have to first prep, then you have pick up one foot while turning on the opposite foot in releve and then you have to spot your turn to make it Nice and clean. Also, tumbling takes a lot of discipline for the brain. You have to discipline the mind and body to work together as a team so you can not only accomplish the skill but refrain from getting hurt as well.


Reason 4: Coordination

It makes it easier for them to move to the beat of the music and be on beat with the music. That is also good for the brain because not only will the know how to dance to music but most dancers make their own music as well. They will start the make beats of their own with the sounds of their mouths, hands feet and other objects that may happen to be around.


Reason 5: Express Emotion

Dancing to their favorite song can make them Happy when they were sad. It lives them a moment to live in that Happiness and forget about the sad or negative things. I loves dance for this reason it allowed me to be the best me i could possibly be and that’s what I want it to do for my students.

-Tiffany Alexander (Bravo Employee)

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  1. I never really thought of the different benefits of dance classes. We have been debating on letting our daughter take dance classes, and I think this article convinced us. If it can help her coordination, discipline, balance, and everything else, it sounds like a good idea.

    • Bravo Arts Academy says:

      Thank you for your comment. Dance is a great class for all those benefits listed in the article and I am sure your daughter will also have a fun time and make some new friends!

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