February 22, 2017


Why Choose Us?

  • Unlimited makeup lessons or trade them in for FREE classes, camps,clinics (see makeup paragraph below)
  • All materials are included in monthly tuition.
  • Classes For Ages 5-teen
  • Two class options to choose from: Cartoon Art or Traditional Art.
  • Parent days are held in November and March.
  • Art showcase featuring our students held in June for all family and friends.
  • Schedule multiple children to come at the same time.
  • Skill ribbons, reward tokens, stickers and more.
  • Individual goal sheet for personalized skill progressions.
  • $5 off your 2nd, 3rd, etc. Arts Academy classes
  • FREE school bag for all students.
  • Happy Family Guarantee (100% money back on first month)

bravo arts academy free class

Watch A Class In Action

Click here to see classes in action

Click here to see a parent testimonial by Daniel Gibby

Class Description & Tuition

At Bravo we offer multiple types of art classes to ensure your child can find the perfect match. Year round we include a traditional art class as well as a cartooning class. We also do week long events on special topics (ex. summer camps) to give your child even more experiences. No matter the class you choose, your child will enhance their art skills, be challenged to try new techniques and have a lot of fun! 

Makeup Lessons
We are thrilled to be the only school who gives unlimited makeup lessons!  Earn a makeup: Notify the front desk before noon or before your morning class begins. Redeem a makeup: Go online to utahbravo.com to see available makeup classes, call or email us to reserve your spot. You may also trade in your earned makeups for summer club camp, clinics, private lesson makeup day and parent date nights. Makeup lessons may be given to other children and/or friends. Makeup lessons never expire as long as you are enrolled at Bravo.

Exceptional Facility
Our art rooms are equipped with plenty of supplies, space to create masterpieces and washing areas to ensure your child’s art project can be all they envisioned. 

Our art teachers have years of experiences (such as studying abroad, teaching in public schools, etc.) where hundreds of hours of practice has led them to the advanced artist they are today. They are well prepared to give your child the tools to increase their art skills. 

Art Showcase
During our June Bravo Event Week we have a special showcase event where families will come to see our Bravo Art Gallery and students will be presented with awards and medals.

Class Options

Traditional Art Classes (ages 6-teen)
Let your child discover their inner artist! Students will be encouraged to see art through their own eyes and explore colors, topics and personal expression! Fundamental basics such as shape, line, color, values, space and texture as well as art history including famous artists will be taught in a fun way. Tuition is $48 per month, includes all needed supplies.

Cartoon Art Classes (ages 6-teen)
Students will learn to draw & color cartoons using a variety of media. Some of the techniques they will learn include: comical facial expressions, figures in action poses, storytelling through pictures, different body shape and exciting fantastical creatures. Lighting and coloring will also be taught. Tuition is $48 per month, includes all needed supplies.

Progression (Parent FAQ’s)

How do I help my child progress faster?
As with anything worthwhile, practice is key.  Because it’s not easy (or safe) to practice dance & tumbling skills in a home environment, taking more classes is the way to progress faster.  

  • 1 Class Per Week = Fun & Educational
  • 2 Classes Per Week = Accelerated Learning, Advances Quickly
  • 3 Classes Per Week = Top Of Class, High Dedication

When will my child advance to the next level?
Depending on how many classes your child is taking each week will determine the answer to this question.  On average a child taking 1 class per week advances levels every 10-14 months while a child taking 2 classes per week often moves every 6-8 months.  Every child advances at their own pace.  Teachers LOVE involved parents, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

I have a question or concern about my child’s progression, who do I ask?
The best person to ask these questions to is your child’s teacher.  However if you don’t feel comfortable, you can always reach out to our arts academy management team at arts@utahbravo.com or fill out a comment card anytime 🙂 


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