November 22, 2017

Teacher Spotlight – Ms. Waite

Ms. Dixie Waite has worked at Bravo Daycare in Clearfield since September 2010 (just two weeks after our daycare center opened!).  She works in the daycare with school aged children ages 5-12 years.  She is also the Department Leader for our Daycare School Age Department.

Dixie Waite is our only teacher who’s students call her by her first name.  When she joined Bravo there were children that already knew her and they called her “Ms. Dixie.” It has stuck, now people are surprised that is not her last name!  Ms. Waite has been in our school age department for 2 years, and is working on her 3rd! She is now our school age DL, and we love having her.  She is so creative with the kids, and she is a fantastic example for them.  Here’s a little bit more about her:

As a little girl, I was able to travel around with my dad who was in the air force. We lived in France, Germany, Africa, and then the United States. I had lots of fun. I met my husband here in Utah and have been married 33 years. My family has been my whole life. I have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. We all go camping up to Sunridge near Monte Cristo. I enjoy sewing, reading, camping, fishing, and cooking. I love spending time with my grandchildren! Life has been great to me.

I started working in daycare  around  2001. At that time I was given an opportunity to be the chef in a daycare. It was called Dixie’s Kitchen. I loved feeding the children their favorite foods. They especially  loved the desserts.  I was also able to teach in different classes when needed which became my favorite part. I have enjoyed watching children grow from walking and talking to reading and writing. I now work full time in the classroom at Bravo and am thrilled I get teach the school age kids every day.

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