March 28, 2017

Jobs – Daycare Teacher


Thank you for your interest in a daycare teaching position! With so many jobs to consider, we are glad you have chosen to consider working at Bravo. We hope the following information gives you a deeper look at our company so you can decide if this position is a good fit for you. Here are some answers to questions you may have about this position. 

Do I Need A Degree?
No this is not required, though typically teachers with degrees have more experience which allows their starting pay to be higher.  All employees have opportunity for growth in our company. 

What Is The Pay?
We are pleased to announce our starting pay has increased due to the great health of our company. We will be able to start new employees at $10 per hour and increase as you advance in our company.  If you have paid classroom experience (and if available) you may also apply for a daycare manager (we call them DL’s = department leaders) position which starts at $10.50 per hour with 3 pay raises yearly. 

What Are The Hours?
Our daycare is open from 5:45am to 6:30pm.  The majority of our positions are full time, but we do have some part time positions as well.  Many of our full time positions are shifts that work 4 days per week in a 10 hour shift.  All our positions include weekends and major holidays off.

What Advantages Does Your Daycare Offer The Children?
Our state of the art daycare facility is bursting with unique activity areas for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. Besides academic and social growth, every child, no matter the age, will get the opportunity to participate in musical and art activities each day.  We also pride ourselves in our unique schedule that allows for small group learning and the opportunity to leave their classroom for a change of scenery.  For example half the class may go to the indoor gym to play games while the other half does their writing time, or half the class may go upstairs to the arts academy tumbling gym while the other half of the class completes circle time learning activities.

Benefits of Working In Bravo Daycare
Our main goal of daycare is to make sure our students are having fun while they learn. We also realize that happy teachers do a better job producing happy, educated students. Here are just some of the things we offer for our daycare staff:

1. Ability to advance in positions & then pay
2. Class sizes will never exceed the state of Utah law
3. Lesson plans are already created for you (no unpaid prep work)
4. Clean, state of the art facility with large rooms and lots of stock art supplies
5. A supportive director who will give support and teaching ideas as needed
6. Discounts to classes and daycare for your children (max 2)

7. Breakfast, lunch and snack provided to daycare teachers to save you money.

Do I Have To Be Musical Or Artistic?
No, training will be provided. We are an arts based daycare and implement many art and music activities into lesson plans. You do have to like to sing and be willing to dance and move to the beat of the music with your students. 

What Are We Looking For In A Teacher? 
We hire teachers who are aligned with our 3 core value (Be Responsible, Be Teachable & Deliver Positive Energy).  We enjoy working with teachers who are willing to share their ideas in a professional way and are uplifting to be around.  Most importantly we hire teachers who have a big smile and have a vocabulary filled with uplifting comments. If this describes you, apply today. We definitely want to meet you! We commit to give you the respect, courtesy and care you deserve as we all work together to make Bravo the best place for children and those who work there. 

Should I Apply For Preschool Or Daycare?
Preschool is part time, provides you hours only during the school year, requires past classroom experience and outside prep work. Daycare is full time or part time, provides year round hours and requires no outside prep work.  Please apply for the job that fits your needs best. 

General Company Information

Company Values
Bravo’s values guide the beliefs and actions of our employees on a daily basis. This makes Bravo a unique place for employees and customers alike – in fact it’s the reason we love our job! View our company values (downloads as PDF) to see your values align with the company.  

Personal Grooming Standards
Our employees understand the importance of presenting a modest and conservative image to our students and their families. We would like to inform you of a few policies in our handbook:

  • No multiple visible tattoos.  You can have one small tattoo (quarter size diameter max), no more can be visible.
  • No facial/tongue piercings or excessive piercings.
  • No overgrown facial hair.
  • No smoking on property, including electronic cigarettes.  No smelling like smoke.

Background Checks
We run background check on all employees. Please only apply if you are able to pass a background check that will show that you are suited to work in a facility with children.  It will go back to the the date you were born. 

Age Requirements
Utah law requires daycare teachers to be at least 18 or older.  Some younger employees can work in arts academy. 

How To Apply

Review the information below and determine if Bravo is could be the right place for you.  To be invited to a “Meet The Owner” level 1 interview please: 

  1. Email your resume to
  2. In the subject type what job you are applying for (can list multiple).

We review resumes weekly. You will receive an email response to your application. If you have further questions or don’t hear from us within a week, please email us at Thank you!

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