March 28, 2017

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Before you click on the job information link below, here’s a little bit about Bravo Arts Academy. We are a privately owned school that was founded in 1995. We have been located in Washington Terrace since 2003. Our Clearfield location opened in August 2010.  Our Riverdale location opened August 2015.

We are the largest arts academy and daycare in northern Utah with over two thousand students attending weekly classes. We cater mainly to children. About 90% of our students are between 2-8 years old. We welcome teen & adult students but our suburban market area has resulted in a student base of mainly children.  We strive to provide a fun but educational environment with well organized administration and first rate equipment and facilities.

There are many advantages to working at Bravo including a positive working environment, set schedules, 3 pay raises each year, medical and dental benefits.  We also offer discounts to our services for our employee children (max 2) which includes a 50% discount to all classes, and camps at Bravo Arts Academy.  We do not have discounts for our daycare services for employees.

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Staff Testimonials

Kendra NielsonI have worked at Bravo for just over 4 years now, and I have loved every minute of it! The caliber of staff and management is top notch – clear expectations, regular meetings with your supervisor, and tons of positive feedback! It’s so easy to tell that Bravo wants the employees that work here to succeed and fulfill their potential. Lots of time goes into helping us grow professionally; not only in our current positions, but into other possible positions as well. I have grown so much in my short time at Bravo, and having worked at many great companies in the past, I can honestly say that Bravo is the most honest, caring company I have ever worked for. I feel valued as an individual, and it’s so awesome to know that I work for a company that not only helps their employees grow, but wants them to have fun as well! I have great coworkers and managers who know me and care about me individually. That is something that is priceless and cannot be replaced. – Kendra Nielson
Morgan DavisI am the department leader of the daycare baby department. I have worked at bravo for one and a half years and I love it. I love the work environment, all of the staff is so nice. Bravo is a growing business, which means that there are many opportunities to grow within the company. My direct boss and the owner, see my potential and are a big part of the reason I love Bravo. –Morgan Davis
Naomi NelsonI have worked at Bravo Daycare for over a year. My experience at Bravo has been and continues to be amazing, with supportive supervision, regular pay increases,regular subs on staff, and professional training provided at no charge to me. Bravo values all staff as well as the Children and Parents. With my skill levels expanding and with new challenges, I look forward to growing with the company. If you want to become the best you can be in the Childcare profession, Bravo could be the place for you. -Naomi Nelson
Ms. Fisher (Preschool)

I have never worked for a place that I have respected so much. Bravo talks about giving the parents and children the WOW factor but, truth be told, as a proud teacher of Bravo the WOW factor was also passed down to me. First, I enjoy how the place is so well put together, just an awesome setup. The place is beautiful. The people, oh my, thank you to the front desk staff for meeting me every morning with a BIG and HAPPY smile that is always a good way to start out a morning! My Department Leader always goes over and beyond to help and lead me, never rude always with a very kind heart.  My director for hiring me and believing I could do it! Lastly I am so grateful for my students that you all entrusted with me. I love my job and love every one of my little ones.  Way to go Angy Ford for training up such a wonderful staff and being an example of integrity!! -Yolanda Fisher
 Brooke SaundersI have worked at Bravo for almost three years. During this time I have enjoyed the friendship and support of the entire Bravo team. Not to mention the joy and gratification that comes from working with the students and watching them progress and develop in self confidence and watching them shine in finding joy in their music! Throughout my time at Bravo I have been treated with the utmost fairness, and respect and have made lasting friendships with students and fellow employees alike. The positive and happy atmosphere at Bravo from managers to teachers to students abounds. -Brooke Saunders
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