November 22, 2017

Kindergarten Teacher Spotlight – Ms. Halladay

Ms. Dione Halladay teaches private kindergarten at our Ogden, Utah location. She is also our Department Leader for our Ogden preschool and kindergarten program. She joined Bravo’s faculty in 2010.  Ms. Halladay is a very creative teacher, her students are always learning skills in a fun hands on way!

Kindergarten is one of the primary building blocks of your child’s future. At Bravo we realize the importance of education and we have the tools to give your child a head start. Our small classes of only 12 children as well as our reading focused curriculum ensures that your child will be successful in their future schooling.  We also offer an “Early Kindergarten” if your child will be 5 years by December 31.  View our kindergarten page for more info here.  Below is more about Ms. Halladay:

“Hi! I am Dione Halladay.  I teach kindergarten at Bravo.  I am also the Preschool Department Leader for Bravo’s Ogden Location.  I love children and teaching!  When I’m not teaching you’ll probably find me at home with my husband, five kids and too many pets to count (ex. birds, dogs, salt water fish, cats).  I have degrees in both Family and Childhood Development and Psychology from USU. 

I love to encourage creativity, independent thinking, confidence, and help each child be “their” best self.  It fascinates me that each child can be so different and absolutely wonderful, just by being true to themselves.  I love cooperating with parents.  The synergy between child, parent, and teacher makes learning fun and limitless.  I have taught and/or been a counselor at Migrant Head Start, hospital mental health units and elementary schools.  My experiences strengthened my belief that Early Childhood is a magical moment and the opportunity to make a lasting difference is priceless!  So, the next “many” years… I have spent teaching preschool and kindergarten.  It is my favorite place to be!”


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