November 22, 2017

Preschool Classes In Ogden & Clearfield, Utah

What To Look For In A Preschool?
Here are 5 things to consider before choosing a
preschool in the Ogden or Clearfield area:

1. What are the ages of students and preschool class size?

Children at age 2, 3, 4 and 5 are very different in their abilities socially, academically and even physically. This is why you should look for a preschool where different ages are not mixed into one class. The class size should be small to ensure your child has many chances for individual attention throughout the day. Some schools focus on a student to teacher ratio, meaning there could be 20 or more children in a single classroom. This means if one child is struggling, one teacher will be helping them while the other teacher is left with the 19 other children. It is best to have a small class size with one teacher who can easily spread out her focus on her individual students.

Our school never mixes age groups as we realize their learning needs are very different. We even have different curriculums for the different ages in our school. We also believe our small class sizes, 8 max for 2 years old, 9 max for 3 years old, 10 max for 4 years old and 12 max for our private kindergarten, is very manageable for our skilled teachers to keep a fun learning atmosphere where every child gets plenty of attention and care.

2. What is the school focus?

Some preschools spend all their time on the ABC’s, while other preschools use the free-learning approach where the child chooses what to do all day. Knowing what is best for your child can seem confusing.

A 1991 study showed that students in schools with an arts focused curriculum reported significantly more positive perceptions about their academic abilities. A University in California (Irvine) reported that preschoolers showed a 46% boost in their spatial reasoning IQ after only 8 months of piano instruction.

Our school uses the arts, especially music to enhance and increase academic learning and social skills. We not only teach them how to play songs on the piano, all piano key names and basic note rhythms. But we also use dozens of other instruments for activities in listening, sorting, graphing, orchestra play and more. We also use singing and movement songs to teach good social interactions and increase coordination as well as right hand and left hand recognition. For more information about our curriculum visit our preschool page.

3. How will I know what my child is learning?

Preschoolers are at an age when they cannot always remember, or may not be able to express clearly what they did during a day of school. It can be frustrating for a parent to ask “What did you learn about today?” and their child only be able to tell what they had for a snack.

We have many years of experience teaching children and working with parents and we understand the importance of good communication between teacher/school and parent. We have various mediums a parent can use to get the information they are looking for:

  • front desk always on-site and able to assist you
  • parent teacher conference times always posted on classroom door
  • newsletter emailed to you monthly
  • yearly calendar as well as a monthly calendar will be given to you
  • 3 designated parent days each year
  • individual goal sheets so you can see your child’s academic, musical and social progress at any time
  • open door policy for parents to attend class at any time
  • observation windows for parents

4. What do the parents of past and current students say about their experience?

Ask your friends and neighbors to find out what they say about their experience with the preschool. Below are a couple of reviews from parents. See more reviews here.

 I am a proud parent of a child that attends Bravo Arts Academy.  I chose to place my daughter in preschool at this facility over any other place due to the credentials, atmosphere and teachings styles.  I have constantly amazed as my daughter has learned so much in a safe, happy environment that always encourages growth.  She has also participated in dance/tumble class as well as a piano class and I have been equally as impressed.  It is so easy to be proud of my Bravo Arts Academy student. -Diana S.

“We have had our daughter enrolled at Bravo for 2 years. She has enjoyed it and has learned so much. The curriculum has helped her excel in so many ways. She started Bravo knowing little English and now has a great vocabulary. We feel that she is more than ready for kindergarten! The staff at Bravo is so amazing, everyone is so helpful and nice. We would recommend Bravo to any parent who want their children to excel.” – Ronnie and Ryan S.

5. Does it feel and look like a good fit for your child?

Not one school can be the best fit for every child. Visit the preschools in the Ogden (Riverdale, Washington Terrace) and Clearfield (Layton, Syracuse) area and use your “Mommy and Daddy Instinct” as a guide. Be sure to bring your questions to make sure you feel comfortable with the philosophy of the school, the balance of academic and free-play learning and of course look for clean, colorful and bright classrooms with a friendly, caring staff.

We invite you take a tour of our preschool. We would love the opportunity to show you our unique school! If you would like, we can even arrange for you to try a sample class so you meet one of our wonderful teachers. Call us TODAY at 801-621-6683 or send us an email.

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