November 22, 2017

Teacher Spotlight – Ms. Mathews

Ms. Cathie Mathews teaches 3 years old preschool at our Clearfield, Utah location.  She is also our Department Leader for our Clearfield preschool program.  She joined Bravo’s preschool faculty when our Clearfield location opened in August 2010.  We love Ms. Mathews and wanted to help you get to know her a little better! Here is a little more about her:

I view the young years from 3-6 as the most important time of learning for children. I take what I do very seriously, and feel a great responsibility to do my very best at directing young minds. I am a firm believer that children learn best by doing, and that I as a director in education should allow the child to do as much as they can all by themselves. It is always a big step into the world for children to start schooling, and I enjoy being there at the beginning. I love working with 3 years old students because life is really coming alive to them, and they are truly beginning to form the adults they will become. Children at this age absorb what they do, and it becomes part of themselves. It is a special experience for me to be part of this. I am continually impressed and awed by what such small children can do. Music and the arts are a big part of my own life, and I am grateful to teach where the arts are valued and children are given opportunities to explore and enjoy the benefits of the arts everyday. When I’m not at Bravo I love to sing in area choirs and hang out with my husband and five kids.  

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