November 22, 2017

Teacher Spotlight – Ms. McAllister

Ms. Taryn Antonio-McAllister is very involved at Bravo!  She teaches dance and tumbling at our Ogden and Clearfield studios.  She also teaches kindergarten at our Clearfield school. Ms. McAllister joined Bravo’s faculty in 2008.  Her students love learning new skills in her fun and motivating classroom. 

Ms. McAllister has also been the teacher for our Ogden dance team since 2010.  Our dance team performs at 4 different venues in addition to our parent days and shows.   We promise modesty in movement and dress, we want parents to be proud of what they see. We also promise a non-competitive, self-esteem boosting atmosphere in which your child’s confidence and ability to polish dances will increase dramatically. If your child has 1+ years dance experience and is between ages of 6-12, they can join Bravo’s Dance Team!  View more information about our dance team here. Here’s a little bit more about Ms. McAllister:

Hi! I’m Taryn Antonio-McAllister! Since the time I was little I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. I absolutely love teaching children. I teach preschool, dance and tumbling at Bravo Arts Academy.  I am also the Dance and Tumbling Department Leader for Bravo’s Clearfield Location.  On the weekends you will usually find me working on cars!  I know this may surprise you, but my husband does this for his job and I love to spend time with him. I also have really come to enjoy the hands on work.

At age three I started dance and tumbling classes and fell in love with it!  I began teaching dance in 2008.  I enjoy teaching dance and tumbling because I am able to share what I love to do.   It’s great to see the kids find joy in something I love so much.   The first time I worked in kindergarten and preschool classrooms was in 2007.  Kindergarten is the perfect place to blend learning, creativity and fun.  It’s wonderful to watch the children find the excitement in learning! I have been teaching at Bravo for years now and I love everything about my job. I hope you enjoy this place as much as I do! I am so excited to start working with you and your child!

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