November 19, 2017

See What Our Parents And Students Are Saying

I’m thankful that I was able to have options to use my makeup lessons.  The office staff was very willing to help me line up both of my sons to use their makeups at the same time.  With it being summer I realized that there would be a couple of weeks that each boy had conflicts with attending, so I called the front desk and they were able to cancel their lessons those days.  I was able to sign up both boys for a Garage Band Summer and use up all of my makeups.  They are excited for this! I really like the idea of feeling like I don’t just lose my money when they miss their classes.  Using their credits for another class or summer camp is perfect.  This is definitely a great perk to Bravo!

Karen Godfrey

I researched quite a few preschools, first over the phone and then in person. Bravo! was the only one that I was convinced was the school for my family, and that was after only a phone call! My husband went to see it that night and was so blown away that he called me from the parking lot. They let us do a sample preschool class which was very nice because we were given the opportunity to try it before committing. The instructors and staff are a joy to work with. Our two boys, 3 & 5, really enjoy their teachers and look forward to school each day. My children take a tumbling class twice a week as well and it’s a nice way for them to end their day there at Bravo! I would strongly recommend Bravo to any and all of my friends. It’s not the closest school to us, as we live out in North Ogden, but it is well worth the drive.

Irene L.

At the beginning of the year, I was so nervous about choosing the right preschool for my daughter, but now I know I made the right choice. Every day this year she has loved coming to preschool. She has learned so much about music and her academic learning was individually based, so she was able to progress at her own pace. I really like how small the classes are and the clean and organized school facility. My daughter is ready and excited to go on to kindergarten and will have a head start in her music lessons!

Lisa L.

I am a parent of two children that attend Bravo. We started at the school because my son needed something to challenge him and being a former preschool teacher I knew what I was looking for. I found that the school had everything that I was looking for: small class size, caring teachers and staff, and the academic learning was outstanding. I loved how my son learned about music, which is both of my children’s favorite part. I also love how they do Parent Days to keep you updated on how your child is doing . We were so impressed with the preschool that we put our daughter in three year old program the following year; and my son in the kindergarten program which is another thing I must boast about. The kindergarten program gave my son such a head start that the next year in public school his teacher said he scored higher than any other student in his class in math and reading skills. I would recommend this school to anyone!!

Mika N.

I love attending Bravo Arts Academy, because it is fun and different. I started taking piano lessons here when I was eight years old. The private lessons really help me progress and learn more. My teacher answers all my questions and plays examples for me which is really helpful. I also like the theory because it helps me understand what I’m playing and why. I love coming to Bravo!

Abbie G.

We started with 2 classes, dance/tumbling for their 4 years old daughter and karate for their 9 years old son. That has expanded to 5 classes now including guitar for their son, and karate and preschool for their daughter. We love the value we get for the quality and variety of classes offered. The kids absolutely love their classes and look forward to attending each time. Plus, the teachers are awesome and really know their stuff!

Karen W.

I am a proud parent of a child that attends Bravo Arts Academy. I chose to place my daughter in preschool at this facility over any other place due to the credentials, atmosphere and teachings styles. I have constantly amazed as my daughter has learned so much in a safe, happy environment that always encourages growth. She has also participated in dance/tumble class as well as a piano class and I have been equally as impressed. It is so easy to be proud of my Bravo Arts Academy student.

Diana S.

I have two children enrolled at Bravo. My son is in preschool and also a pre-tumble class. The preschool at Bravo Arts Academy is an exceptional preschool that has a unique and enthusiastic way to introduce young children’s minds to structured learning and preparing them to succeed in school and life. My daughter is in an advanced tumbling class and we love that just as much. Her teacher really helps her progress while remaining very encouraging.

Rebecca S.

My two daughters are enrolled in preschool at Bravo. I like Bravo because they have helped my kids tremendously in learning. Both of the teachers are are amazing with the kids. I also love the front desk staff they are all very helpful and outgoing. I love Bravo Arts Academy!

Alisha P.

Our son is enrolled in full-time daycare in Clearfield for 2 years old kids. We really enjoy getting feedback about Kyle’s day from his teachers. All of the teachers and office staff are smiley, friendly and professional and interact well with the kids. I like how during breakfast, lunch and snack times, all the little ones are gathered at the table! We do that at home and it means a lot that Kyle does that with his friends and teachers at school too. And from the few times I’ve been in during those times, I think it’s great that it’s a real relaxed time-meaning the kids can talk and chit chat as they eat. We love how clean the facility is! It brings me comfort as a parent when my son is in a clean, healthy and safe environment. Also our son has been doing so well with learning to wash his own hands! At home he has become very independent and wants to wash his hands all by himself and is able to now. Good hand washing is so important and I think it’s so wonderful that Bravo positively enforces it and makes it fun for toddlers to learn.

Buckley Family

I am a kindergarten teacher at Roosevelt Elementary in Washington Terrace. Each year I have a few students who have come from the preschool program at Bravo Arts Academy and while doing evaluations during the first week of school, it is clear that the students from Bravo are by far the most prepared. I am amazed that they already know their letters, letter sounds, numbers, and shapes. I am very impressed with the preschool program at Bravo Arts Academy and would recommend it to any parent eager to give their child a head start with their education.

Mrs. Hart

My daughter was pretty shy being an only child and did not know proper social skills for getting along with other kids. We enrolled her in the academic daycare program 2 days a week to improve on her social skills. We are amazed and impressed with the results. She has also learned so much academically. We love hearing her reports from her teachers. Well done. Thanks so much for all that you do for our kids.

Jennifer P.

We started our son with guitar lessons in Clearfield. He has really bonded with his teacher and loves coming to his lessons. He was chosen as student of the week and his teacher provided wonderful comments on the form. My son was excited and so were we! My daughter is taking dance and tumbling and loves her class also. Her teacher is patient and kind and they were all so excited for their big dance show performance. As a working parent, I appreciate that I am able to schedule their lessons on the same day and time. We have had a great experience at Bravo!

Kristin R.

Our daughter graduated from Bravo’s private kindergarten. At a recent SEP conference her 1st grade teacher showed us her scores with a comparative baseline. Based on these comparisons, she has been categorized at a 3rd grade level, first month. We would like to thank you for the efforts you have given to our daughter in developing her learning abilities. We are sure that other children are benefiting from your professionalism.

Alimbuyao Family

Our 2 children have attended Bravo Daycare in Clearfield since September 2012 and we love it! The teachers and staff are awesome, the facility is inviting and the educational based daycare is wonderful. Our daughter loves her teachers and doesn’t want to leave in the evening. Our older child is also enrolled in a tumbling class. We really enjoy having the opportunity to have our girls at Bravo and we tell everyone about it!

Chrisnee R.

Bravo is truly a second home for us and we love it! We have enjoyed many different aspects of Bravo such as preschool, kindergarten, dance, vocal and piano classes. They have all been great and there are so many more classes the kids would like to try. Currently, our children are enjoying piano and voice lessons. We love our teachers and think they are absolutely phenomenal and our children look forward to going to Bravo every week.

Daniela H.

Our boys started attending Bravo’s 2 years old preschool when we first moved into the area. We enjoyed preschool so much the first year that we enrolled them for the 3 years old class. The teachers and staff are great, and the boys have learned so much since they started preschool here. We enjoy the monthly Parent Date Night as well! We love Bravo!

Lauren A.

My son was enrolled in Bravo’s preschool. We were so impressed with the curriculum and teachers that we decided to register him for Private Kindergarten the next year. We have been so happy with kindergarten. The teachers are AMAZING! I have yet to meet a teacher that I have one concern about, not to mention my kids love them. They genuinely care for the children and make learning fun. Our 2 year old can’t wait to start the Music Tumble Combo class soon. We also enjoy the Parent Date Nights, and are looking forward to summer camps too!

Sabreena R.

We have 4 children and they have taken several different classes at Bravo including piano, guitar, ballet, dancing, tumbling, arts, piano team and violin. We love Bravo because the staff and the teachers are very nice and they are always willing to help with anything we need. We also like the flexibility that Bravo has with their classes and their makeups. It is a wonderful environment of learning.

Catherine C.

We love Bravo for their amazing staff. We like their flexible schedule and abundance of class choices. There is a real sense of pride & desire to see children grow and succeed. My daughters have become more confident and love coming here!

Annie G.

I’m a parent with five children. They have all taken piano lessons at Bravo. My oldest has graduated and we now have four children enrolled. We have been going there for a little over 12 years. One thing I really love is that it is really convenient to have my 4 children scheduled at the same time. I also love that the studio has no distractions, whereas my oldest child used to take from a teacher out of her home that did tend to have distractions. Another thing I love is the beginning piano team program. It is a fun and motivating class that kids look forward to going to every week. My kids also look forward to recitals twice a year and love the incentives like the sheet music, medals, and practice tokens. This helps me because I don’t have to tell them to practice as often I would have to. We love Bravo, always have and always will!

Rachel F.

My family has taken private piano and guitar lessons at Clearfield Bravo for over three years. I love the convenience of doing multiple lessons at a time. I love the one hour lessons, I love the curriculum, I love how Bravo has always have had our best interest in mind. We feel an integral part of the Bravo family. I love the recitals and especially the big teacher finale at the end!

Christen H.

We have had our daughter enrolled at Bravo for 2 years. She has enjoyed it and has learned so much. The curriculum has helped her excel in so many ways. She started Bravo knowing little English and now has a great vocabulary. We feel that she is more than ready for kindergarten! The staff at Bravo is so amazing, everyone is so helpful and nice. We would recommend Bravo to any parent who want their children to excel.

Ronnie and Ryan S.

We sent our oldest son to the music and academic preschool and absolutely loved it.  He was well prepared for kindergarten the next year.  The small class size and skilled teachers make this preschool an ideal place for children to learn.  He also started piano teams and loved his teacher and is making wonderful progress playing the piano.  After the experience with our older son we sent our younger son to Bravo’s preschool as well, because we had great confidence in the teaching staff and the school as a whole.  He has now graduated from preschool and is in piano lessons too!  The school has so many options for other classes too that families can take advantage of for their children.  I would recommend the school to anyone!

Julie P.
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