Month: April 2015

Playing Is Hard Work For Kids

Can you remember playing as a child? Some of my best childhood memories are centered on playtime. As a young girl I loved to play with dolls. I have always been very shy and I was able to play with my dolls without feeling shy. As adults we sometimes forget how important play is to children. As we get older we tend to think of play as a luxury and more

Practicing Your Instrument With Paper Clips??

Many music students fall into the habit of practicing a piece or trouble spot until they are able to play it correctly. Well, what is wrong with that? Actually, quite a bit. Being able to play something correctly one time does not give any measure of assurance as to being able to play it in a performance setting, especially when factors like stage fright and a new environment are more

Everyone Wants To Be A Superhero

When I was little, I remember digging around in the alley next to my house making “soup” with my best friend, rocking my baby doll to sleep, and becoming whatever superhero or princess I wanted to be that day. When you think back on your childhood, is there a certain imaginary game that comes to mind that you would always play with your friends?  Have you noticed a definite more