Month: May 2015

Three Ways To Make A Happy Day For Your Child

As a parent, isn't it your number one priority to make sure your children are happy and you are satisfied with their overall experience in classes/activities they participate in? You want to see the progression in the class each week, but also that your child is enjoying their time while they are in these activities.  Here are three things to look for in your child's classes, along with some...read more

School Is Out…. Now What?

For children of young ages, school sometimes may seem to be out more often than it is in. You have the usual short holiday breaks that last a few days to a few weeks. And then you have the longest break of them all, Summer! What to do with your young ones while you don’t have school to entertain them? Some may say to continue doing school with them during...read more

What My Mom Did To Help Me Stick With Music Lessons (Thank you MOM!)

I started writing a post for this blog a few weeks ago in which had 10 tips on helping your student stay motivated when learning piano. They were tips that honestly we all could probably think of; have rewards, practice goals, and set practice times. But as I thought more about it I've decided to dig deeper and write the blog more about some key things which helped motivate me...read more

I’m Too OLD To Play The Piano

When people learn that I am a piano teacher, the number one thing I always hear is, “Oh I  wish I had learned to play the piano when I was young.” My response is always the same, “Well, it isn’t too late! Why not do it now?” Adults commonly assume that music is something one must learn as a child and grow up with the knowledge. Perhaps this is due to...read more