Month: June 2015

The Gift of Boredom!

“I’m bored.” Do you recognize these two small words?  Dread hearing them?  It seems like more than ever we are quick to fill the day scheduling things with or for our kids to keep them entertained or stimulated, but is this always the best thing? There is no argument that activities and structure are very important for growth and of the mind and body, but we also need to allow...read more

Say “Yes” To The Mess!

It’s that time of year where we can finally spend more time outside which means we can say “Yes” to those fun messy outside activities that we have been saying “No” to all winter long!  Every kid seems to find their way into a mess easy enough, but here is a fun list of new ideas to try this summer:

Squirt Gun Painting

Instead of regular painting on an easel, why...read more

Are You Reading Too Much With Your Child?

As a kindergarten teacher, parents often ask me, "What is the one thing that will really help my child?"  My answer always is - " Read!"  Read with them, to them, and have them read to you! Reading is a lifelong skill that will not only aid them through their education but will also provide them with a sense of adventure, imagination, and the ability to explore and learn about...read more

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them!

Children are going to move, in fact they move so often we wish we could bottle and keep a fraction of energy for ourselves to use! Inviting a child to use excess movement may be enough to scare any parent but it should not. Children use movement to explore their world, to form connections in regarding a new concept, and to stimulate their brains in general. Just as adults need...read more

5 Reasons Why Dance and Tumbling Will Change Your Toddler’s Brain

Reason 1: Structure

They learn structured skills in dance and tumbling which allows their brain to use the structured part of it and it will follow your child everywhere; which is a great thing to have. Not only will they be able to pick up on the structure and use it in the dance class but at home as well as in school.

Reason 2: Balance

You Must know how to balance on...read more