Month: October 2015

The Drummer’s Brain

When we think of all the benefits music lessons have to offer to develop children, we often think of a student dedicating themselves to an instrument such as the violin or the piano. However, in recent years studies have shown that the drummer’s brain is something to marvel at and that we shouldn’t give in to the drummer stereotype. Taking drum lessons helps children develop coordination and motor skills; playing requires...read more

Combat Stage Fright Before It Starts!

It’s that time of year again!  Yup, you guessed it.  Recital time! Growing up, this time of year always left me with a feeling of hope, excitement, and joy to be able to show off the new skills I had learned during the last 6 months of my music lessons.  But it also filled me with a huge sense of dread, anticipation, and…ANXIETY, also known...read more

How Singing Can Improve Your Health

When we use our voices for singing, we communicate more effectively through melody lines, dynamics, and intonation than talking. Because singing requires a lot of physical energy, it can’t help but create change in our bodies.  These effects can help us physically, emotionally, and socially, just to name a few. Singing is a great way to stay in  “shape” because it exercises your lungs, it also...read more

How to Get Your Child to Practice Without Any Tears!

As a parent of a child learning to play an instrument, we have all heard the familiar phrases "I don't want to practice," "I don't like playing the piano," or "I want to quit." As a parent and music teacher, here are five helpful ways to make practicing at home more enjoyable for you and your child:

Make It Regular

Pick a specific time to practice every day.   Maybe, it could be...read more