Month: November 2015

Art: It’s Supposed To Be Fun!

As a new art teacher, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my students and preparing fun lessons for them to experience. What I didn’t realize is how much I would learn myself. To teach a four-year-old how to draw shapes and lines are important, but what happens when the technicality of art overshadows the fun and true meaning of it? I believe children instinctively know the answer. They experiment,...read more

Confidence Is Key

Like anything in life, confidence is not easy to obtain. But it is so worth it when you can think about yourself in a positive way. Confidence is a key ingredient in all aspects of life, it is one of your many jobs as a parent to help your child become a happy and confident adult!

Encourage Them Constantly and In Everything They Do

Children are sponges, they soak up every word...read more