Month: February 2016

How Was Your Class Today? Getting More Than “Fine” From Your Child.

We all want to hear about our child's day at school but often that equates to pulling information out of our unwilling children if we want more than the obligatory "fine". Here are some tips to getting your child to open up about their class. 1. Use papers, artwork, or stamps they bring home as a conversations starter. Ask open-ended questions on how each item was created or earned. Your child...read more

Transition and Clean Up Can Be Fun!

Trantransitioning two-year-old kids from one activity to another is never easy unless you make it fun. First always let them know that they only have five more minutes to play, then we will clean up. Turn on the "clean up" song and dance, sing, or play a game to put all the toys away. After they clean up and you still can't get their attention you could read them a...read more