Month: July 2017

Do You Hear What I Hear? (Jan. 2018)

Communication, one of the most important human traits you can have.  The way we communication with people is a vital.  Having good communication with someone is what can build a strong relationship.  Everyone has different communication style but what is important is to understand your style and effectively use it.  Some believer there are five types of communication styles: assertive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, submissive and manipulative. (http://www.clairenewton.co.za/my-articles/the-five-communication-styles.html) Not one style is better...read more

Is Everyone Really An Artist? (Nov. 2017)

Why should our children do art? What if they would rather be running around outside? That’s great because it burns off energy and gets them fresh air and to be honest that’s where I would have rather been growing up.  In fact I was and I didn’t take the time to do art but now I can honestly say I wish I would have.  As a teacher I know and...read more