Month: September 2019

Eight Signs to Teach Your Baby

At Bravo, we start teaching sign language to babies when they begin feeding themselves food (like crackers or yogurt).  This is typically around 6 months. You may notice that your child may not sign back to you until she is a little older (8-9 months).  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start now! Children learn by demonstration and repetitiveness so the more your child’s family and caregivers more

Three tips to help your child practice their music

Every parent of a music student has been there. Getting your kids to practice can be a "chore" no one wants to do. (Am I seriously paying for this?!) Listen up for some tips from an experienced musician...

  1. Make practicing fun! Instead of using a metronome, find a funky beat they get to play their songs too. Find accompaniment tracks to play their music to. Find more