Does your toddler love to play fun games around the house? Is your mind going crazy and you are running out of ideas? It can be as easy as 1, 2, 3! Dance and tumbling students play fun and simple games to keep them interested in the class. Teachers will add in skills to make it that much more of a learning experience. Why not switch it up and use everyday life skills at home to add to the fun with your toddler? You may be surprised how fun this can be not only for your child but also for you as a parent!

1st Game Idea:  “Freeze Game!”

Does it become more of a hassle to get your toddler to help you out with everyday skills such as; brushing their teeth, getting dressed for the day, cleaning up their toys, etc.? This could be your solution to making these daily chores fun for your toddler!

It’s simple! Turn on some music while these tasks are being done. The catch? Pause the music at different times and watch to see if they can “freeze” in action!

2nd Game Idea:  “Simon Says”

Toddlers love this game! Simply play this game at the dinner table! “Simon Says, pass the milk please” “Simon Says, take 3 more bites” Check to see if your child is listening and have them play along with you as well, by using their very own Simon Says ideas around the dinner table. It doesn’t always have to be a daily dinner routine. It can be a fun reward and incentive for your toddler to look forward to dinner with you after having a really great day!

3rd Game Idea: “Animal Game”

Does your toddler love to make animal noises? If so, they will love this game! This one you may have to bring out your inner child and play along with them! This can be a perfect “get your wiggles out” kind of game to play. Have fun and don’t be afraid to be just as excited as your toddler is to play pretend! How to play? Simply ask your toddler what their favorite animal is, take turns and use your imaginations to act out all the different animals. For example; bear crawls, bunny hops, tiptoes mouse walks, elephant stomps/marches, and so much more! The best part of this game, it is fun for your toddler but also helps with interaction and learning to take turns.

You may find there are so many fun and different ways to interact and play with your toddler safely at home. As a new mom and now have a growing toddler at home, I love interacting and noticing all the different stages of learning that their little minds go through. Doing these everyday life learning experiences can make a positive outcome for you as a parent with your growing toddler.

-Brittnie Bossman (Bravo Employee)