Everyone knows how important reading is.  Sometimes we struggle to find ways to make it appealing to our children.  Here are five tips to make it more fun.

  1. Use picture books: when first teaching a child to read using picture books is beneficial in helping the child see what is going on in the store and the young children can tell a story based on only what they see in the pictures.
  2. Act out the story: Instead of just reading the story it can be fun to act it out. This can help the kids stay engaged and also encourages them to use their imagination.
  3. Let the child choose the book: if they choose the book they will be more interested in what they are reading or listening to.
  4. Have the child take turns reading with you. This takes the pressure off of them and also shares the spotlight.  They like to feel engaged but also not pressured at the same time.  Make sure to give them your undivided attention when doing this.
  5. Use Audio Books: Many children stories are accessible with audio books and this allows the kids to hear and speak the words they may not be familiar with. They can follow along with the book as well.

Do you have any tips or tricks that you have used?  We would love to hear!  Email us at hello@utahbravo.com.

Bravo Employee: Crystal Luck