Camps For Kids

Why Choose Bravo's Camps For Kids?

  • Creative Activities

    No parent wants their child to waste school breaks just sitting around, but no kid wants to be sitting home either. Let your child have a great break from school in our fun camps for kids. Every camp is well planned out and includes crafts, games and other unique activities.

  • Safe & Secure

    Our state of the art facility ensures the safety of your child. We also pride ourselves on cleanliness and our super organization.

  • Food & Materials Included

    Every camp includes a meal, healthy snack as well as all materials. You won't be charged any extra fee's for add-on's because everything is included in our camp tuition.

  • Responsible Care

    All staff have completed our extensive training and passed background checks. Our staff chooses to work at Bravo because they love kids.

  • Special Perk For Current Students

    Bravo students can trade in earned makeup classes for FREE camps! WOW.

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Camp Descriptions & Tuition

  • Full Day Camps w/ Daily Field Trips

    If you would like a full day experience for your child who has graduated from kinder-6th grade, enroll them in our school age summer program. EACH DAY we take your child on a field trip to places such as the chocolate factory, splash pads, roller skating, bounce houses, parks, small hikes, water slides, and more! Check our field trip schedule (registration starts April 1!) Clearfield or RiverdaleFREE arts academy class (karate, art, music, tumbling, etc.) included for all full-time students 1st grade and older.  More questions?  Watch this 2 minute video.  Get more details on which field trips we will go on this year during the COVID-19 pandemic by watching this video.

  • COVID & Speciality Camps

    These 4 day camps focus on teaching and advancing skills and are only available during the summer.  Some camps are perfect for a beginner to get a head start (ex: Piano Blast Off), while other camps require prior experience (ex: Power Tumbling).  Each camp is 1.5 hours daily, includes all materials, and ends on Thursday with a 15 minute parent show off.  Learn more here.  Camps themes are:

    • Alphabet Kids (3-4 years)
    • Amazing Artist (6-9 years)
    • Garage Band (8-16 years)
    • Guitar Boot Camp (8-16 years)
    • Karate Ninja (3-9 years)
    • Kindergarten Kickstart (5 years)
    • Piano Blast Off (5-9 years)
    • Power Tumbling (6-16 years)
    • Princess Ballet (3-6 years)
  • Half Day Camps

    Pick & choose the days you like best and buy the one pass you need.  Summer Club camp is for ages 2-10 where each day offers a unique experience.  Each camp is 4 hours, includes all materials as well as a light lunch!  Click here to learn more.  Some themes are:

    • Kids in the Kitchen
    • Magic Tricks
    • Inflatable Day
    • Water Wet Day
    • Once Upon A Time & More!
    • See more here.
  • Tuition

    • Specialty Camps are $57
    • Summer Club Camps (4 hrs daily)
      -Single Day: $36
      -5 Day Pass: $113 (day rate $22.60)
      -10 Day Pass: $185 (day rate $18.50)
      -20 Day Pass: $319 (day rate ($15.95)
      -Entire Summer: $618 (day rate $13.75)
    • Full-Day With Daily Field Trips
      -Weekly Tuition: $133 (50 hours of fun!)
  • Free Camps

    Starting June 1, current families can trade in their makeups in for FREE summer camps!  A day at club camp is 3 makeups; a specialty camp is 6 makeups.  

    As always, you can also use your makeups in our year-round classes (dance, tumbling, music, karate, art) for anyone in your family (even dad can try guitar). Also, use for drop & go daycare (so mom can run errands). See utahbravo.com/makeup.

  • Spring Break Camps For Kids $20

    If you’d like something fun, educational and safe to keep your child busy during Spring Break, sign up for one of our Spring Break camps.  Each camp is 4 hours long and includes a light lunch, fun springtime activities, gym games, inflatable jumping (Clearfield) or indoor playland (Riverdale) and much more!  Your child will love their spring break even more and you’ll still have time to get some of your parent to-do list done.  Learn more here.

  • Holiday Camps For Kids $20

    Holiday time with the kids out of school is fun, but can also be stressful or filled with too much screen time. Sign up for a Holiday Camp at Bravo and your child will get LUNCH as well as 4 hours of planned activities. Some activities include crafts, holiday games, gym play, inflatable jumping (Clearfield) or Indoor Playland (Riverdale) and much more. Click here to watch a short 2-minute video on all the fun. Here are some things parents have told us they use their extra 4 hours:

    • Go Grocery Shopping
    • Work A Few Hours
    • Put Away Christmas
    • Head To The Gym
    • Get A Massage
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Trying to decide between a few
different Day Camp options?

If you are looking for day camps for kids in Clearfield, South Ogden or Riverdale, you have come to the right place. Here’s why more families choose us again and again since 1995.

  • Responsible care by our teachers.
  • Safe and professional facility.
  • Unique, fun lesson plans for every day of camp.
  • Parents are ALWAYS welcome to view or attend class.
  • Trade in your Bravo makeup classes for FREE camps.
  • Save time, schedule different classes for different children on the same day!

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Clearfield Arts Academy & Daycare

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South Ogden Arts Academy

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Riverdale Arts Academy & Daycare

5165 S 1500 W
Riverdale, UT 84405

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