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Five Tips to Make Reading Fun For Your Child

      Everyone knows how important reading is.  Sometimes we struggle to find ways to make it appealing to our children.  Here are five tips to make it more fun.

  1. Use picture books: when first teaching a child to read using picture books is beneficial in helping the child see what is going on in the store and the young children can tell a story based on only what they see in...read more

Are You Reading Too Much With Your Child?

As a kindergarten teacher, parents often ask me, "What is the one thing that will really help my child?"  My answer always is - " Read!"  Read with them, to them, and have them read to you! Reading is a lifelong skill that will not only aid them through their education but will also provide them with a sense of adventure, imagination, and the ability to explore and learn about...read more

Eight Signs to Teach Your Baby

At Bravo, we start teaching sign language to babies when they begin feeding themselves food (like crackers or yogurt).  This is typically around 6 months. You may notice that your child may not sign back to you until she is a little older (8-9 months).  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start now! Children learn by demonstration and repetitiveness so the more your child’s family and caregivers sign...read more

Tips and Tricks for Potty Training

Potty Training Tips

1. Gather information
Before you start, talk to friends, consult with your pediatrician, and read up on different potty training methods. 2. Learning the signs for Potty, WetDirtyHelp, and more Learning the signs before you start potty training can help your child communicate their needs and may...read more

A Better Transition To Sleep

“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” So how are we supposed to help our children get to bed on time and get a good quality of sleep in the 7-9 hours they have in bed? Some ways to help, you may already be familiar with and trying to implement, while others you may not have heard of. Here are 3 ways I found...read more

Ideas and Tips when Cooking with Kids

Cooking with kids sounds scary but it could be so much fun.  Yes, it will be messy and might not come out right but the effort is so worth it.  It gives you a chance to bond with them and teach them life skills.  Some tips I have learned while working with kids is:

  • Be patient
  • Let them do it without hovering too much
  • Keep it fun and light
The kids...read more

Why Have A Routine For Your Child?

The unknown. The thing that gives most humans a feeling of anxiety. The unknown also sends children into the same unstable and fearful feelings that adults experience. For adults, the unknown can be big events such as changing jobs, moving, or doing something you’ve never done before. For children, the unknown can be more simple, such as where are we going, are you coming back, and why is something happening. Children handle...read more

Four After School Activities that don’t involve the Screen!

When kids come after school their first action will most likely be to turn on a screen.  This screen could be on a mobile device, television etc.  Even though there are some activities that could benefit them when using the screen, there are plenty of other beneficial ways to learn away from the screen.  Here are 4 things you can do with your children after school.

1. Go on an adventure:

Grab your...read more

Quiet Time is Healthy Time! (Feb. 2018)

Your child has been playing all morning they begin to get cranky.  They need a nap, you think to yourself, but they won’t fall asleep.  Even if a child just sits and looks at a book quietly or colors.  Any activity that requires them to sit quietly and rest is a healthy way to recharge for you and the child.  Children who are well rested will learn better and retain...read more

Are You Aware Of Your Child’s Self-Esteem?

As girls and boys grow older, they tend to judge and be harder on themselves. They look around and see others as cute and cool, but when they turn to the mirror they see disappointment and things they want to change. This can lead to low self-esteem and depression, especially through the teenage years. Many parents and mentors see this in their children and want them to see just how...read more