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8 Easy Music Learning Activities To Try At Home

Children gravitate to music! Here are 8 easy ways to bring music into your home

Pots & Pans Band:

No instruments at home, no problem!  Use some pots, pans, ladles, whisks, spoons, etc.  Can your child play loud, soft, fast, slow? Trying playing with your child for some extra fun. Homemade Egg Shakers: This is such a simple instrument to make.  You can more

Asking your Child’s Teacher the Right Questions to Help Them Progress (January 2019)

We have all had these moments where we pick up our child and ask their teacher how day or class was and the teacher says “Great!”  It could have been rough and you aren’t sure exactly how why their day was rough or great.  You want to dig deeper but not exactly sure how to get the answers from the teacher.  Here are five great questions to ask the more

Four After School Activities that don’t involve the Screen! (October 2018)

When kids come after school their first action will most likely be to turn on a screen.  This screen could be on a mobile device, television etc.  Even though there are some activities that could benefit them when using the screen, there are plenty of other beneficial ways to learn away from the screen.  Here are 4 things you can do with your children after school.

1. Go on an adventure:

Grab more

Five Tips to Make Reading Fun For Your Child (September 2018)

Everyone knows how important reading is.  Sometimes we struggle to find ways to make it appealing to our children.  Here are five tips to make it more fun.  

  1. Use picture books: when first teaching a child to read using picture books is beneficial in helping the child see what is going on in the store and the young children can tell a story based on only what they see more

What to Bring on the First Day of Daycare (August 2018)

You have decided to have your child start daycare.  What an exciting and overwhelming time.  As we have seen many first days we are excited to share with your some helpful tips for your first day of daycare. Knowing what to bring your little one for their first day can be hard and varies by age.  Here are some suggestions to relieve the stress: Infants: Diapers, wipes, formula or breast milk, more

Teach Your Child to Love Their Reflection! (June 2018)

Moms and dads, you hold the power to teach your child from a young age hot to love their bodies and who they are.  You are able to teach them how to love, respect and encourage a positive image within their mind despite what the world may perceive upon them. For example, if you are constantly nagging about your own insecurities and your image they will follow your lead.  Putting more

Stressed That Your House Appears A Disaster? (May 2018)

Working full time with two kids often means that your house does not feel under control.  I knew my house was clean, it just always looked untidy and I did not want to spend my evenings picking up after everybody and searching for scissors! I wanted to enjoy my time with my family. I discovered two things that literally changed my life and helped me to get through the more

Does your child have too many activities? (March 2018)

There are so many different kinds of activities for children to do and often times as parents it can be easy to become overwhelmed with how to make the best decisions for your child. The key to choosing what your child needs when it comes to active play and learning is to balance the long-term benefits with how much they will enjoy taking part in the activity. To make this easier, more

Quiet Time is Healthy Time! (Feb. 2018)

Your child has been playing all morning they begin to get cranky.  They need a nap, you think to yourself, but they won’t fall asleep.  Even if a child just sits and looks at a book quietly or colors.  Any activity that requires them to sit quietly and rest is a healthy way to recharge for you and the child.  Children who are well rested will learn better and more

Do You Hear What I Hear? (Jan. 2018)

Communication, one of the most important human traits you can have.  The way we communication with people is a vital.  Having good communication with someone is what can build a strong relationship.  Everyone has different communication style but what is important is to understand your style and effectively use it.  Some believer there are five types of communication styles: assertive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, submissive and manipulative. ( Not one style is more