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3 Simple Games To Play With Your Toddler

Does your toddler love to play fun games around the house? Is your mind going crazy and you are running out of ideas? It can be as easy as 1, 2, 3! Dance and tumbling students play fun and simple games to keep them interested in the class. Teachers will add in skills to make it that much more of a learning experience. Why not switch it up more

Tired Of Sitting By Your Child During Instrument Practice Time?

I don’t want to!”... “It’s SO hard!”..... “I don’t like that song!”... Sound familiar? Hearing these words from an unmotivated “practicer” for what seems like the 100th time is enough to make any pleading parent question their motivation for putting their child into music lessons. Something’s gotta give, and unfortunately, more times than not, it’s the music lessons. So how do we get our children to practice at home? more

Do You Sing In The Shower?

Do you sing in the shower? Do you sing in your car? Do you sing around or to your children? As a mom of 2 girls under the age of 2, and a director of a daycare I can say that I am a believer in singing to children. My oldest is 20 months old and has always been a talker. She loves to sing and is so more

Great Apps For Kindergarteners

Let's face it kids love to play with mom or dad’s tablet!  Nothing beats spending 30 minutes reading a book with mom or dad, but we say let’s install some education apps and use technology to help kids learn! Here are a few of our favorites: 

Reading For All Learners - I See Sam Phonics Books (FREE)

BRAVO TEACHER CHOICE!   This app goes along with the “Sam Books” more