Dance Classes

Why Choose Bravo's Dance Program?

  • Off-site Performances

    Two off-site showcases held in a professional venue (winter & spring), as well as a summer parade, give our students a chance to dress up & shine. Optional company intro teams get an additional performance event.

  • Professional Studio

    Professional space, floating dance floors & thick tumbling flooring. Extensive teacher training, curriculum, dress code, and more to greatly enhance the experience for your child.

  • Lower Tuition

    Well-priced tuition for Utah families while still producing amazing performers.

  • Unlimited Makeups, Multi-Class Discount & No Risk

    You will still get to earn unlimited makeups and use them in ANY Bravo program or save them up for free camps and parent date night. Our multi-class discount gives you a $5 discount on your 2nd, 3rd, etc. classes for everyone in your immediate family, while our no-risk guarantee ensures you are 100% happy.

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Class Descriptions & Tuition

  • Top Focus In Our Classes

    • Technique-Our instructors will place an emphasis on correct stance, body control, and the student’s coordination head to toe starting as basic as walking, running, skipping, and jumping. The student is introduced to the French ballet terms and dance stylized movement will be combined with technique in all choreography. At intermediate and advance levels, a wider range of physical movement is developed within the student’s own capabilities, and the use of the dancer’s body is increased to develop a greater variety in style. The dance movement vocabulary is increased to encompass more dance steps and required techniques.
    • Rhythm-At our younger or beginning levels, the emphasis is on listening to and being able to keep in time with the music. At the upper levels, the rhythm is developed from the understanding of more complicated compositions. At each level, there is the opportunity for the student to explore the development of rhythm into movement in their own individual way.
    • Presentation-In the younger or beginning levels, the instructors focus on being able to present and perform what the students learn with a sense of enjoyment. By practicing stage presence in class, the student gains that self-confidence to perform in front of others. As the student progresses through intermediate and advanced levels, they have the opportunity to communicate a growing variety of moods through both movement and expression to develop an artistic performance.
  • Showstars (ages 3-5, 5-7)

    This class is Ballet-based and ends with fun Jazz & Hip Hop movements. Through creative and fun exercises, these young dancers will be able to memorize Ballet, Jazz & Hip Hop moves and sequences, as well as learn basic vocabulary that will prepare them for the classes taken in years to come.

    For Ages: 3-5 (Tots), 5-7 (Minis)

    For Accelerated Learning Add: Tumbling.  See Our Class Schedule.

  • Jazz & Ballet (ages 7-9, 10+)

    This class is technique-based using our developed curriculum which teaches both ballet (the foundation of all dance) and jazz (a hybrid of ballet and modern movement). Jazz is a performance-based genre of dance that mixes traditional ballet, technique, style, and modern dance moves. The importance is placed on a strong Ballet foundation, strength, flexibility, athleticism, and artistry in movement quality.  The program incorporates all styles of Jazz: Traditional Percussive, Funk, Lyrical, Contemporary, as well as Theatre and Broadway styles.  Upon completion of the program, in the advanced pre-professional level, a student is fully prepared for college dance programs, concert companies, and theatre productions.  $45/Mo ($40 multi).

    For Ages: 7-9 (Juniors), 10+ (Teen)

    For Accelerated Learning Add: Hip Hop Class.  See Our Class Schedule.

  • Hip Hop (ages 7-9, 10+)

    Students will be taught Hip Hop and b-boy movements. Hip Hop is a mixture of Jazz, Modern, African movements, and the choreographer’s interpretation of modern-day moves. Popping, locking gliding is all introduced. A greater emphasis is placed on tricks in this class, such as stalls. A wide appreciation of musicality will be acquired as students’ progress through weekly lessons. Fusing Hip Hop style with other forms of dance are very popular in today’s dance world and will be enforced in our syllabus! The lyric content of music used in class is carefully screened to be appropriate for all ages.  $45/Mo ($40 multi).

    For Ages: 7-9 (Juniors), 10+ (Teen)

    For Accelerated Learning Add: Tumbling Class or Ballet/Jazz Combo. See Our Class Schedule.

  • Boys Hip Hop (ages 5-7, 7-9, 10+)

    Boys are welcome in all dance classes at Bravo, but if your boy would prefer hanging with “only the boys,” this is the class for them.  See hip hop description above for more specifics on skills.  $45/Mo ($40 multi).

    For Ages: 5-7 (Minis), 7-9 (Juniors), 10+ (Teen)

    For Accelerated Learning Add: Tumbling Class. See Our Class Schedule.

  • Special Stars

    We are SO EXCITED to be offering a special class for our special kids…..Special Stars.  This class is for our kids that may not excel in a typical class but will excel in their own individualized class.  The teacher has experience in accommodating special needs as well as balancing being flexible and encouraging each student to try new things.  Studies show that regardless of the special challenge your child has, music and movement are beneficial to brain development. Parents must be willing to rotate being a teacher helper as assigned/needed by the instructor. Let your child try a class today!   $45/Mo ($40 multi).

    For Ages: Preschool through Elementary ages.  Currently offered at our Clearfield Bravo location.

  • Company Intro Dance

    Students who have some experience (or even just a little) but have a BIG desire to grow, this class is for you.  These teams get one additional performance or competition in the spring (total of 4, no additional costume needed) as they work together towards amazing performances and progression.  Students are required to take both a ballet/jazz and a hip hop class, but at Bravo we stack the class in a 2 hour block so you only have to come 1 day per week. This is not a competition team, simply a company where more focus, commitment, and team growth is achieved. At Bravo, our vision is to support your child as they balance their schoolwork and other commitments along with being part of this great team.  $45/Mo ($40 multi).

    For Ages: 5-7 yrs (Excel), 7-9 (Extreme) & 10+ (Elite) Even More Company Teams Starting Fall 2021. See Our Class Schedule.

  • Private Lesson

    Need a private lesson to help polish a skill or prep for a try-out? Your instructor can arrange a date & time when the studio is available for private use or email bravodance@utahbravo.com. $20 for a 30 min class.

  • Show Info

    Dancers and tumblers will show off their talent and skills at our winter and spring showcase, held twice a season in January & May at an off site professional venue.  Our shows are family friendly and last for about one hour. Professional stage, lighting, and music will complete this amazing experience! Watch past show clips.  Parades are an option during the summer.

    The professional off-site venue rental & tickets (4) is $25 for each of our two performances.  The costume is used for BOTH shows and is a fee of $40-45 (tumbling & boys hip hop can be used for weekly classes too!) and $65-75 (dance costume w/tights). The costume fee is charged in November with your monthly tuition and the $25 show fee is charged typically in Jan and May with tuition.

  • Tuition

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