Ask Yourself These 6 Things Before Choosing Your Daycare

Choosing a daycare is likely the most important decision you will make this year.  Have you heard the line “it takes a village to raise a child?”  You are choosing your village when you choose your daycare.  Use these questions to help guide you to the best daycare for your family.

1.  How secure are the children in the center?

You already know it can be hard to leave your child each day, but leaving them at a facility with poor security will make it much harder and potentially dangerous.  Go to the center at an unscheduled time and see for yourself what security they have in place.  Look for parents required to follow certain procedures, a receptionist present at the desk, locked entrances and cameras.  If the center passes your inspection ask to schedule a tour.

2.   Would you eat the food?

At Bravo Daycare, we follow a 5 week food rotation that was approved by our “kid testers” and a certified dietician.  Our menu is posted in the center and available online. We serve breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack.  As a bonus we even have a take home snack to ensure you have time to fix dinner. In each classroom, on each kitchen cart, and posted in the office is a list of all reported student allergies. Our chefs and teachers are trained to check this chart before each meal to ensure that we are accommodating allergy needs.  We even have special red cups to alert us of the special milk for children who are lactose intolerant.

3.  How did the staff make my child feel?

Always, always, always bring your child to tour the facility with you.  Their opinion counts just as much as yours.  What do they do for birthdays?  What special events will your child have to look forward to (family BBQ etc.).  What procedure is in place for classroom transitions as your child grows?

Our Bravo tour includes a tour of the facility as well information on our daily schedule.  Your child will get to enter and exit in our mini-door, play with our lobby activities and spin our prize wheel after you (the parent) get all your questions answered.

Before your first day, you would get to participate in a new family orientation during which time we introduce you and your student to all their teachers, show them around the classroom and answer questions. We also introduce them to one of our Bravo kids to be their “first day buddy.”

One of our values is Deliver WOW.  At Bravo the WOW doesn’t stop.  We have special things planned for your child’s birthday, two family events (BBQ & ice cream social) as well as photo texts sent to you randomly so you can see your child during the day!

4.  Was the schedule filled with a variety of activities AND followed?

Utah state law requires daycares to post a schedule of activities by each classroom.  Look at this for two things.  First, look in the classroom and verify that what you see on the schedule is being followed in the classroom.  Second, determine if the schedule has a variety of activities based on education (ex: no daily movie, yes math).   Ask if they have lesson plans and how can you be sure they are followed? Ask how you can be informed of your child’s educational progress (ex: parent teacher conferences).

At Bravo Daycare the schedule is posted in the classroom, given to you at orientation and can be viewed online. It is jammed packed with a variety of educational learning activities.  Our education focuses on academics but we also include sign language and music.  The schedule also includes  opportunities for your child to move around the facility.  We have four outdoor playgrounds, a tumbling gym and indoor gym.  Our older students have access to a homework/computer lab and art classroom. Every month you will get a class calendar of the special learning and fun events that will happen in addition to the education curriculum.  The best way to see if we are following our schedule is simple, find the time on the schedule and look inside a Bravo classroom.

5.  Can you meet the director?

It may not be possible for the director to meet you right now, but is the director willing to schedule a meeting with you?  Not only do you want to connect with the desk staff, but also the director, she is the leader of the entire teaching team.  You may want to ask her about teacher training,  classroom discipline and ways the center keeps parents informed (photos, newsletters, etc.).

Our Bravo Director takes the time to meet you at your new family orientation as well as do multiple follow up calls your first month.  She is dedicated to helping your child feel comfortable and happy at Bravo.  She works full time at Bravo to ensure that Bravo is the place your child wants to come each day. She not only spends time getting feedback from parents but also in the classroom each week to ensure that Bravo is the best it can be.

6.  What advantages does this center have over the one down the street?

After your tour you may already have some answers to this question, but don’t leave the center without asking this great question.  This question really opens the door for you to learn more about this center.

Bravo Daycare has many advantages, here are just a few:

  • Fabulous Teachers: We give our staff multiple pay raises each year, monthly lunch socials, raffle prizes and paid vacation days to attract and keep the best teachers.  All teachers pass a background check and are CPR certified.  They work four days, each a 10 hour shift to ensure less transitions for your child.
  • Photo Texting: Each week, our staff goes around to classes taking pictures of students having a great time with their friends and teachers that we text to the parent.
  • Indoor Gym: Every age group gets to enjoy our indoor gym. We have activities for all ages including scooters, basketball hoops, stilts and more.
  • Four Playgrounds: Our center includes four fenced in playgrounds all ages get to enjoy.
  • Learning Ipads & Computers: For our 3 and 4 year old classes, there are learning iPads that the students get to use as a center each day. These are filled with educational games they get to play. In our school age computer lab, we have computers available for the students. All websites are pre-approved to ensure computer safety at Bravo.
  • Tumbling Gym: Once your student is 3, they get to enjoy our tumbling gym each day. While in the gym, they can use the rope swing, climbing shapes and tumbling mats to run and play.
  • Special Events:  Snowcone day, fishing in the lobby, Santa visit, Halloween carnival and inflatable day are just a few of the many special events we include at Bravo.