Experienced Daycare Manager and/or Teaching Job

Experienced Daycare Teacher Job Top 5 Requirements

  • Classroom teaching experience and/or manager experience and/or degree preferred.
  • Excellent classroom management skills.
  • Ability to Deliver Positive Energy during any situation.
  • Confident communicator in a wide variety of topics.
  • Enjoys teaching children AND team members.
  • Alignment with our company values.

Other Details About This Position

Manager Schedule: Your schedule will be the same each week.  Most manager schedules are similar to a teacher schedule, working four 10 hour days with the same day off each week.  Managers get to work a day in each classroom they manage as well as work 1 shift each week with each of their team members. This allows for great manager-employee relationships and opportunities for modeling to your team.

Daycare Bucks For Your Children: Every daycare employee gets an additional $2 per hour (WOW!) they work each week to use towards their childcare (click here for parent daycare page). We know the experience a mom brings to our classroom is beneficial for children, helpful for co-workers and calming for Bravo parents.

Paid Vacation Days: Only our managers can earn paid vacation days by completing a Bravo advanced training course.  As you choose to grow we all benefit and you get  a paid day off!  Congrats!

Support:  You will be paid to sit down weekly with the director as well as each of your team members for a 1:1 meeting for training and support. We consider supporting your team of 4-5 teachers one of your most valuable activities.  In addition, you will also get all the support a daycare teacher gets, it is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, click here for the daycare teacher job page.

Stable Career:  Bravo has been a growing business for well over 20 years.  Our proven track record ensures stability and peace of mind for you knowing your new job can help support you and your (future) family. Managers are always full time which gives you access to a 401K retirement plan which gives peace of mind.

Fun: As the manager you get to plan your team socials (paid for by Bravo) as well as reward your team with nametag stickers, teacher of the week recognition and more.  Our team competitions, breakroom contests and yummy treats definitely add smiles to the workday, but how big the smile is really depends on you, the manager and the positive energy you bring to your team.

Contract: Teacher turnover hurts our Bravo kids, thus we have a contract to ensure we only attract and hire employees who are really committed to making a substantial, long term difference for kids.  Ensure you are ready to join Bravo by checking out the daycare teacher job contract by clicking here.

Hourly Pay, Class Discounts & Benefits

  • Pay:
    • $12 per hour (2+ years daycare experience and/or management is required)
    • Pay raises twice yearly!
  • Discounts:
    • 50% discount on all Arts Academy classes for you, your spouse & children
    • $2 per hour you work in daycare bucks to use for your children’s care (ex: work 40 hrs, get $80!)
  • Benefits:
    • We have MEDICAL (Select Health) & DENTAL insurance options! Click here to learn more.
    • Full-time employees get an additional 4% match towards their retirement in a 401K plan!

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