Age  Notes Full Time: Mon-Fri
50 hours per week
Single Day(s)
10 hours
6 Weeks – 23 Months
 Includes art, sign language, music. $199 $47
2 Years Old  Includes age 2 preschool. $168 $39
3 Years Old  Includes age 3 preschool. $159 $38
4 Years Old  Includes age 4 preschool. $159 $38
Bravo Private Kindergartener Plus Full Time Daycare

(must be 5 years old by September 1)

 Include Bravo Arts Academy Private Kindergarten AND 10 hours of daily care. $159 N/A
(must be enrolled full time to be in this program)
1st Grade & Older
OR Public School Kindergarteners
 We do not have mid-day kindergarten transportation.  

Full Time Includes FREE Arts Academy Class For 1st Graders & Older (Karate, Art, Music, Dance, Tumbling)

$106 $25


Summer Only  – School Age Children Click here for more info. Requires a $69 annual field trip fee.  $133 $32


As a special bonus, all daycare students also get a $5 discount on any music, dance, art or tumbling arts academy class.  Older full-time daycare students in our school age program (1st grade and up) get a FREE Arts Academy class!

All accounts (checking or credit cards) will be automatically charged weekly the Thursday before the week begins. We accept government assistance programs, click here for a helpful video called Using State Pay At Bravo and/or read this FAQ sheet on state pay.

We have a $35 registration fee per student or $70 per family due upon registration.  This gives you access to any class at Bravo (summer camps, parent date nights, music, dance, tumbling, art, etc.).  As long as you stay currently enrolled year round, you’ll never pay another registration fee.