Club Camp – Summer

Club camp is for ages 2-10 where each day offers a unique experience.  Parents and children can choose the days they like best and buy the one pass to attend those camp days.  Each camp is 4 hours, includes all materials as well as a light lunch!  Click here to learn more & REGISTER.  Some examples of camp experiences are below.

  • Kids in the Kitchen
  • Magic Tricks
  • Inflatable Day
  • Water Wet Day
  • Once Upon A Time & More!

Specialty Camps – Summer

These 4 day camps focus on teaching and advancing skills and are only available during the summer.  Some camps are perfect for a beginner to get a head start (ex: Piano Blast Off), while other camps require prior experience (ex: Power Tumbling).  Each camp is 1.5 hours daily, includes all materials and ends on Thursday with a 15 minute parent show off.  Click here to learn more & REGISTER.  Some examples of camp experiences are below.

  • Karate Ninja
  • Power Tumbling
  • Piano Blast Off
  • Guitar Boot Camp
  • Princess Ballet & More!

Summer Daycare With DAILY Field Trips

If you would like a full day (10 hours max) experience for your child who has graduated from kindergarten or up to 6th grade, you can enroll them in our school age summer program.  Every single day of the summer we take each child on a field trip to places such as the movie theater, chocolate factory tour, splash pads, roller skating, bounce houses, dozens of parks, library shows, water slides and more!  Full time students even get a FREE arts academy class as a special bonus! Registration begins online or in person on April 1, don’t miss out as spaces are limited and in high demand. Click here to learn more & REGISTER.

Christmas Break & Spring Break

If you’d like something fun, educational and safe to keep your child busy during Christmas or Spring Break, sign up for these camps.  Each camp is 4 hours long and includes a light lunch as well as all materials.  You can choose how many camp days you’d like. Click here to learn more & REGISTER.