Why Choose A Specialty Camp?

These camps teach new or advanced skills in an exciting way.  Some camps are perfect for a beginner to get a head start (ex: Piano Blast off), while other camps require prior experience (ex: Power Tumbling). Camps are $53 (or trade-in makeups) on Monday-Thursday for 1.5 hrs taught by one of our experienced teachers. Parent show off on Thursday, last 15 min.

  • Clearfield Bravo: June 18-21 & July 9-12 & July 30- Aug 2
  • South Ogden Bravo: June 25-28 & July 16-19

Amazing Art (6-9 years)

Paint, Chalk, Clay & More! You and your child will be amazed at all they create in this camp.  Plan to have fun, improve art techniques and get messy!

Karate Ninja (3-9 years)

Boys and girls increase focus and coordination in this energy camp.  This is the place where breaking boards, kicking, punching and yelling aah-ya i s encouraged.

Princess Ballet Camp (3-6 years)

Our princess dancers learn ballet skills to use in their mini dances.  Crafts, dance skill-based games, and crowns make it magical. Your child will get to take home a wand and tutu!

Piano Blast Off Camp (5-9 years)

Considering having your child start piano but you’re not sure? Check out this camp! All music is included and they will be playing songs by the last day. Great intro camp!

Power Tumbling (6-16 years)

Need to polish your back handspring or cartwheel?  We will work on flexibility, strength, and conditioning, as well as a variety of tumbling techniques. 6+ months of tumbling experience required.

Garage Band (8-16 years)

Always wanted to be in a band? Get ready to rock!  6+ months of any music (ex: piano, voice guitar) lessons required. Let’s JAM!

Guitar Boot Camp (8-16 years)

Want to learn to play the guitar? We’ll focus on tuning, strumming, rhythm, and chords.  You’ll be amazed at what you can play by the end of the week!

How To Register (starts April 1)

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