We Give You More In Our Educational Daycare!

  • Education is always included in our structured curriculum
  • Sign language, art and music experiences daily
  • FREE Fun & Fitness class in Bravo Arts Academy tumbling gym
  • Ability to add a music, dance, tumbling or art class (we will take your child to class) with a discount!
  • FREE Arts Academy class for full-time daycare students 1st grade and older
  • Fabulous food with special menu designed for kids
  • Photo video of your child’s exciting school year free each year in June
  • Music curriculum taught (used also in Bravo’s Arts Academy Preschool)
  • Libraries are rotated and well stocked in every classroom, we love to read!
  • Two parent-teacher conferences and family events yearly (ice cream social, BBQ, etc.)
  • Huge outdoor area which exceeds state requirements by SEVEN times
  • Computers and iPads in classrooms for ages 3 and older
  • Art projects with a variety of mediums (clay, paint, sand, noodles, weaving, etc.)
  • Piano note learning and rhythm tapping begins at age 3
  • Ability to schedule full time, single days and drop & go
  • School age after school “freeze choice” includes homework zone, art, science & gym activities
  • Fully licensed center with extended hours (5:45 am – 6:30 pm)
  • Live video of your child’s class viewable in lobby
  • Need a summer program for your school age child?  View more info here!
  • Happy Family Guarantee (100% money back on your first week)

Watch A Class In Action

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Class Description & Tuition


Daycare shouldn’t be something moms or kids dread. We believe daycare should be a place that kids enjoy going because there are a variety of activities and they feel good being there! Our daycare is built with the concept of “we do not babysit, we teach.” Each day your child will get experiences in art, music, movement, sign language, gym games, building and hands-on math manipulatives. We even have science, cooking, computers and specialty classes incorporated in each unit. The baby classes (0-23 months) also include finger-plays, classical music, and nursery rhymes. They have more play space as we use stackable cozy “nests” for their sleeping. Our preschool & kindergarten curriculum (2-5 years old) are all different for each age group and are jam-packed with educational progressions with a focus on reading. You do not need to pay extra to get our preschool or private kindergarten program – it’s included! The focus for our first grade and older children is based on providing fun, educational experiences. They get to take advantage of our huge outdoor area, science & art room, indoor gym, and even the homework zone. They also earn Bravo Bucks to get prize wheel spins. No matter the age of your child, our overall goal is to make sure they get plenty of creative learning experiences in a clean, organized and fun environment. Click here for information on our summer program for kids who have graduated from kindergarten through 6th grade. 


We focus on teachers who can work full-time giving your child the least amount of teacher swapping. Our teachers are required to give lots of feedback to each parent and are rewarded for going above and beyond in their lesson planning and care. You can expect more from our staff because they complete more training, get daily support from their team manager and our director have provided lesson plans and fully stocked classrooms and supply closets. Our teachers have all been hired to bring different skills to our team. Some of our faculty have sign language certificates, some have years of musical training, while others love to interact with kids. Some have “mom” experience, some love art and others bring years of classroom teaching experience. Though they are all very unique, they all were hired because they saw our daycare as different and they wanted to help us make a change in the world of daycare. It is also valuable for you to know that each age group in our facility (ex. two years old) are part of a team. This team is lead by their department leader (DL). The department leaders meet often with the director to express any ideas they have for improving Bravo. They are also responsible for doing staff observations and training with their team as well as talk with parents to ensure their needs are being met. Our Bravo families have many people working to ensure their child has a great day filled with learning, love, and fun!


Each room in our daycare is under video surveillance which is shown in our lobby for parents viewing at any time. For your child’s safety, we will never show this video online as we want only you to watch your child learn and play. We have a secure fingerprint check-in/out system as well as a closely monitored roll in each classroom. Our classes have large windows to the outside as well in the hallway and in between neighboring classes. Most classrooms are large enough to always have two teachers working as a team to best teach your child.


No matter the age of your child, the daily schedule is filled with educational activities. We go above and beyond Utah’s requirements for preparing children for kindergarten. The detailed schedule is posted outside each classroom (view schedules online here: Clearfield Daycare or Riverdale Daycare). You will never see TV on our schedules. For children ages 0-23 months we teach finger plays, nursery rhymes, sign language and use lots of musical instruments to give a well rounded educational experience. For children 2-4 years we keep our most intense academic learning times in small intimate groups of A & B. Our private kindergarten produces exceptional readers in our small classes of 12 children, visit our kindergarten page for more information. Our teachers work as a team to incorporate the Bravo curriculum. We even add special events and activities each month to peak your child’s interest. Parents get a monthly calendar and Bravo News to stay informed of these events.

Huge Play Area

Our outdoor playground exceeds state requirements by SEVEN times!! We have four separate playgrounds to ensure variety. Everything from a trike city complete with houses and mailboxes, construction building zone, basketball, soccer field and even an infinity climbing web.

Discounted Arts Academy Classes

Parents have the ability to add on a dance, music, tumbling or art class for their child. If you would like us to transport your child to class, please schedule the class Monday-Thursday 3 pm-6 pm or Friday from 2 pm-6 pm. This allows busy parents to let their child participate in extracurricular learning experiences while they are still at work!

  • All Daycare Student Ages 2-Kindergarten
    Get a $5 monthly discount on all Arts Academy classes.
  • Full-Time Daycare Student Ages 1st Grade and Older
    When you are in the Bravo school age program, you get a FREE class of your choice! Choose from tumbling, dance, art or piano teams. Must be full time (M-F) and 1st grade or older.

Vacation Time

Full-time families (attend Monday-Friday) can take two weeks of vacation in each 12 month period and not pay to hold your daycare spot while you’re gone!

Restaurant Kitchen

Our kitchen is nicer than many restaurants which means we can make a higher quality meal for your child. We also worked with a chef to design our kid-friendly menu (view our meal schedule here). We even have a back-up sandwich available at any time if your child does not like what we are having.

Facility & Equipment

Our facility is clean, organized and colorful. Our well-lit classrooms and large windows make each class a pleasant learning environment. Our equipment is cleaned and sanitized often and we discard old, well-used toys and replace them with new.

Fun & Fitness Tumbling Gym

Bravo is arts based. Every lesson plan has art, music & sign language built into the daily academic learning goal. We also support healthy lifestyles with our FREE fun and fitness class held in the tumbling gym of the Bravo Arts Academy. We also do yoga, parachute games as well as other fun games in our indoor daycare gym. We keep our kids moving no matter the weather!

Individual Goal Sheets

Bravo has individual goal sheets for each child to help monitor your child’s progress. We want to ensure their emotional, social, academic, musical, science, math, physical coordination and art skills are increasing. These goals sheets are shared with our parents at the parent-teacher conferences we hold twice each year in January and June.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Twice yearly we host a parent-teacher conference. In January we have an Ice Cream Social and in June we hold a Family BBQ.  At these conferences be sure to bring your Bravo kids as we have treats and crafts for them to do while you talk with your child’s teacher.  It’s a fun family event and a great way to stay in touch with all your child has learned and will be learning.  This is a great opportunity to get feedback on your child’s progress.

School Age                                            

Our School Age after school program has our homework/iPad lab, Indoor gym, Art room and Outside playground to choose from during “Freeze choice”. During this time we have planned activities to help stimulate their minds, have a safe place to play or a quiet area to do homework and wind down from a day at school.


Bravo offers before and after school transportation to the following elementary schools (click here for the photo on where the van picks up):

    • Antelope
    • Bluffridge
    • Buffalo Point
    • Cook
    • Ellison Park
    • North Davis Preparatory Academy
    • Sand Springs
    • Syracuse
    • Syracuse Arts Academy (both campuses: Antelope Drive and SR 193)
    • Riverdale
    • Kanesville
    • Lakeview
    • Midland
    • Municipal
    • South Weber
    • Good Foundations
    • Valley View
    • High Mark
    • Quest
  • Have a school you’d like us to add?  Click this link to let us know!

We do not offer any mid-day kindergarten driving, but we do offer an on-site private kindergarten, learn more about our kindergarten program here. Parents who wish to provide their own mid-day transportation to public kindergarten can still enroll in our school if desired.

Great Communication Options

We know communication with your teacher is key in making your child’s education a success, so we have incorporated the following at Bravo:

  • Most of our teachers are required to work four, ten hour days to help increase the time you can communicate face to face.
  • Twice yearly we hold parent-teacher conferences.  At this time we show you your child’s individual goal sheet.
  • Your child’s teacher gives a quarterly recognition award (student of the week) to your child stating three things that they have seen your child excel in.
  • We have a comment box where any parent (or student) can write a thank you note, concern or question for their teacher at any time. We give prizes to our staff for great parent feedback.
  • Our daycare director is always available for appointments or to discuss any topic. Our comment cards also have our director’s contact information if you have an urgent need.

Daycare Tuition