Give Your Child The “Smart” Start With Bravo’s Private Kindergarten

  • SMALL private kindergarten classes of only 12 children ensure your child’s success
  • FREE MINI CLASSES INCLUDED in our arts-based curriculum
    • Tumbling
    • Dance
    • Karate
    • Music
  • Unlimited makeups in ANY class at Bravo
  • Individual parent-teacher conferences to share your child’s progress
  • State of the art school with multiple indoor & outdoor playgrounds, snack area & extra safety precautions
  • Lots of bonuses such as class video, school bag, field trips, carnival, homework prizes and more
  • No RISK!  We have a happy family guarantee if your class or teacher is not the right fit, let us know before the month ends and we’ll credit for another class or teacher.

Why Choose Bravo’s Kindergarten?

Class Description & Tuition

Private Kindergarten (age 5 by Sept 1)

Kindergarten is one of the primary building blocks of your child’s future. At Bravo, we realize the importance of education and we have the tools to give your child a head start. Our small classes of only 12 children, as well as our reading focused curriculum, ensures that your child will be successful in their future schooling.

Our kindergarten is a private school program where the focus is on giving your child a head start academically as well as a well-rounded arts education (music, dance, tumbling, karate). Your child should have already completed basic skills such as name writing, letter recognition, most letter sounds, as well as being able to separate without tears from their parent(s) and socialize easily with other children. Ideally, your child would also have a music foundation of note names, basic rhythms, instrument recognition, etc. (our 4-year-old preschool classes cover this). The goal of our kindergarten is to get your child reading, advance their math skills, increase their musical knowledge (helps advance academic learning) and give them a strong foundation upon which to build in all areas.  This is possible in our small classes, exclusive curriculum, exceptional teachers, state of the art facility and years of experience.

Our kindergarten exceeds the requirements for the state of Utah and your child will be accepted into your public school 1st grade program (Utah requires your child must be 6 by Sept 1 the year they enter 1st grade).  Bravo uses a program called High Reach Learning that is nationally certified. This certification requires much more than the Utah Kindergarten Standards. Our teachers also add our school specialty of music, weekly homework packets and the “Sam” reading books (used in most Utah public schools). With the combination of a great program and additional Bravo specialties, it is clear that our graduates are ahead when they start 1st grade. Towards the end of the school year, we will ask you where to send your kindergarten records to so the public school you are joining will have information on the advanced skills of your child.

Early Kindergarten

If your child will be 5 years by December 31 they may be eligible to use our kindergarten class as an “Early Kindergarten.”

Email us to schedule a $20 early kindergarten evaluation.

Remember Utah state law still requires your child to be 5 by Sept 1 to use our private kindergarten to replace public. Early kindergarten not available for children in Bravo daycare as per childcare licensing rules.


  • Private Kindergarten $182 per month (Mon-Thur weekly).  View Our Class Schedule.
  • $35 Registration Fee (n/a for current students)
  • $40 Annual Materials Fee
  • Students get a $5 per month discount on 2nd, 3rd etc. classes at Bravo.

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