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We focus on promoting self-confidence & increasing skills in a non-competitive, modest environment.


Parent viewing is ALWAYS open in our clean, state of the art facility.

No Show Fee:

Our show is FREE! (tickets, DVD, photos, tutu/t-shirt, prize etc.)

Unlimited Makeup Lessons:

You can makeup in ANY Bravo class or save them up for free clinics, camps & parent date nights!

NO Risk:

We have a 100% first-month guarantee.  If you aren’t 100% happy with your experience, let us know before the month ends & we will give you full credit towards another class or teacher.

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Class Description & Tuition

Toddler Time  (Ages 1-2, parent participation required)  ** ALWAYS FREE **

This free class is a great way to give your child (12 months through 35 months) a unique learning environment (our tumbling gym) to increase their gross motor skills in a fun way.  Teachers guide the movements and activities for parents to help their toddler enjoy and experience new ways to move. Come and enjoy this wonderful bonding and learning time with your toddler.  Siblings 3 and older are too old for this 30 min class, please plan accordingly.  Tuition is FREE for a 30 min class with parent attendance, $35 registration fee applies. Limit one free class per week per child.  View Our Class Schedule.

Music and Movement = M&M’s (ages 2-3)

Children love our music & movement class where they get a mixture of activities to peak their interest. It is the perfect combination of jumping, rolling, hopping and somersaults, intermixed with musical learning such as instrument exploration (drums, shakers, cymbals, bells, etc.), moving to music, nursery rhymes and more. Diapers are welcome, though we will not be able to change them. If your child is ready to leave their parent, they are ready for the magic of our music & movement class. Tuition is $53 per month for a weekly 1 hour class, $5 off with our multi-class discount.  View Our Class Schedule.

Hip Hop and Tumbling Classes (ages 3-teen)

Get the best of both dance and tumbling in this class. Hip Hop is the high energy style of dance typically seen on TV.  It helps increase coordination, confidence, and rhythm and is very fun for both boys and girls. The first 30 min of the class is spent on these skills in a dance studio.  The last 30 min of the class is in the tumbling room where students learn their tumbling tricks (cartwheels, flips, rolls, etc.). It is a great way to give your child both for one price!  Classes are divided by age & level. Tuition is $53 per month for a weekly 1 hour class, $5 off with our multi-class discount.  View Our Class Schedule.

Ballet and Jazz (ages 3-teen)

Did you know the foundation of every jazz move is ballet?  This is why the combination of these two dance styles is ideal for a well-rounded dancer.  Our class outline moves quickly every few minutes to ensure the class keeps the attention of all dancers as well as makes them enjoy the learning.  This class works on ballet skills & terms, jazz combinations as well as flexibility, balance, and strength. Overall your child will gain better control of their body, increase musicality as well as spatial awareness.  Tuition is $53 per month for a weekly 1 hour class, $5 off with our multi-class discount.  View Our Class Schedule.

Tumbling (ages 3-teen)

Tumbling classes at Bravo include using a variety of circuits (area’s) & equipment to focus on different aspects of tumbling.  We track each students progression individually and progress them to the next level quickly. Safety is of utmost importance. We even have scaled-down equipment for younger learners. Classes are divided by age and level. Tuition is $53 per month for a weekly 1 hour class, $5 off with our multi-class discount.  View Our Class Schedule.

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