Can music have incredible benefits for children and the one most accessible instrument every person has? The Voice!

Did you know that singing helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning?  It physically develops the left side of the brain that process language.  Linking familiar songs to new information can help retain it for children.  It’s a fun way to learn information and step out of the boring everyday process.  Studies have shown there is a link from singing to children’s ability to perceive the world accurately and form mental pictures.  This will be useful for solving more advanced math problem later in their academic careers.  Would you ever think singing in the shower could help you with your math!

Vocal performance also provides a means to view outside cultures and experiences.  This allows children to develop empathy for others’ views and beliefs.  Also boosts endorphins (happy feelings), alleviate anxiety and stress.

Now we know all the benefits of singing what is stopping you from singing and encouraging your child?

*Source Singing Changes Your Brain.

Ana Savage (Bravo Employee)