Do you sing in the shower? Do you sing in your car? Do you sing around or to your children? As a mom of 2 girls under the age of 2, and a director of a daycare I can say that I am a believer in singing to children.

My oldest is 20 months old and has always been a talker. She loves to sing and is so proud when she can sing the words by herself. She will tell me when getting out the bath that she would like to sing “bumblebee” or “snowman” and this helps make the transition out of the bath much smoother.

I have also seen music and songs help children who are less vocal. Songs can get make children dance. They can make tears disappear. They can make a room burst with laughter, or bring a room to tears.

Songs can be a way of communication. Children can learn the words they hear, they can learn from the sound and feeling of the music. They learn rhythm, beat, soft, loud, fast slow, and so much more.

Do you remember songs from your childhood? Have you ever cried or laughed while listening to a song? Even now, one probably comes to your mind. Music has a way of sticking with us and making us feel. What an amazing opportunity to create memories for your children.

As another plus, when you sing to your child- you show a different side of yourself. Whether you are singing a silly song with actions or funny voices, or a soothing lullaby- you are not the busy mom trying to get coats on and get out the door or make dinner before bedtime. It is a way to give time and attention to your child.

When I think of children and singing there are a few situations that I think of: I think of a day at Bravo when a group of children was playing in the gym. There was some kids hip-hop music playing, and everyone in the room (teachers included) was freeze dancing- and singing to the popular lyrics. What a great way to build self-esteem and confidence.

In another instance, standing outside of my daughter’s room one night, I heard her singing “mommy, daddy, love you, and sister…” She was singing to a tune of her own creation. The creativity and imagination that was sparked by a love of singing were beautifully simple.

Sing to your children while you make dinner, while you are driving in the car. Make up silly words and dance in a funny way. Make memories that you and your child will remember.

Check videos from Shawn Brown like “Shake It Like A Duck” and  “Wash Your Hands!” He sings some of my favorite children’s songs.

-Heather Parke (Bravo Employee)