Class Description & Tuition

Drop & Go is a special feature we offer to our Bravo families enrolled in classes.  You can use this feature for any child in your family, even if that child is not taking a class but their older sibling is. Your child will get to participate in our daily activities (mealtime, art, gym play, iPad learning etc.) in a class of their age group. The cost is $5 per hour with a minimum of 3 hours. Busy parents can schedule a few days in advance, we put up the new week typically on Wednesday. We accept children ages 0-12 years old. The advantage of drop & go is its flexibility. A disadvantage of drop & go is that it is scheduled on a first come first serve basis and spaces are limited. If you need regular care, enrolling is your best option. You can also trade in 3 make-ups for 3 hours of drop & go care as another privilege of being a Bravo family.

Paperwork & Payment

We need a registration form (may skip if your child is currently enrolled), admission form (includes allergies & who can pick up) and a copy of your child’s immunizations before your child can enroll in drop & go.  You can drop off this paperwork or email to (taking a photo on your phone and emailing is an option as well).

Nap Time & What To Bring

You may want to note that state law requires a rest period for children not old enough for kindergarten.  This is a two hour period usually between 12:30/1:00 pm to 2:30/3:00 pm, the detailed schedule is posted outside each classroom (see our room schedule here).  Bring a blanket for your child if they will be joining us for nap time.  If your child needs diapers, wipes, change of clothes or formula you will need to provide this as well.  All food will be provided for your child as well as art supplies, academic learning, outside fun and much more!  No matter when your child comes, they will have a great day at Bravo!

Schedule Your Drop & Go

Click here to schedule your drop & go. Remember Drop & Go is only available to our current Bravo families with the correct paperwork in our files. If you are a current family & need the password to the sign-up link, please call us at 801-621-6683. Your account will be automatically charged when you choose your times.  There are no refunds for missed or canceled times.  We are excited to see your child, we have so many great things to learn and do!

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