Children gravitate to music!

Here are 8 easy ways to bring music into your home.

1.Pots & Pans Band:

No instruments at home, no problem!  Use some pots, pans, ladles, whisks, spoons, etc.  Can your child play loud, soft, fast, slow? Trying playing with your child for some extra fun.

  1. Homemade Egg Shakers:

This is such a simple instrument to make.  You can try filling them with different objects to get different sounds.  Rice, beans, beads. Also, a good tip = make sure to tape the outside of the egg so they don’t pop open and spill.

  1. New kinds of music:

So many times, we get in the habit of just listening to whatever is on the radio.  Expose your children to different types of music and instruments! Show your child a picture of a violin and let them hear what a song with a violin sounds like.  Show your child a picture of Beethoven and let them listen to “Ode to Joy.” Does your child know what an opera singer sounds like? A marching band? The possibilities are endless.  You’ll be surprised how many songs you recognize from movies and commercials.

  1. Music & Language:

Music is a great way to help children learn to form sentences.  Single simple songs can also help children to pronounce words. Remember how we all learned the ABC song???

  1. Music & Emotions:

When your child gets feeling frustrated or mad, try playing some calm music to help them calm down.

  1. Music Freeze Dance:

Play some music and invite your children to dance.  Then pause the music and see if they can freeze until it begins again.  This is great for music listening and also to practice following directions.

  1. Bells:

Jingle bells are inexpensive and easy to find.  Buy some at a craft store. You can string them with yarn so children can shake them or attach them to shoes for dancing.

  1. Old MacDonald:

Everyone knows this song!  Print off some farm animal pictures or let children color their own pictures.  Let children hold up their animals for different verses of the song.

Bravo Employee: Kirsten Nelson