We are a proud Bravo family, we have been coming to Bravo for the last three (almost four) years and have enjoyed Bravo’s services! Daycare, arts academy classes and the private kindergarten have all benefited our family immensely. I have two daughters (4 and 5) who have practically been with Bravo almost their whole lives and have learned so much from all their teachers! Our third is on the way and I am so happy to have Bravo to be there for our children! Whenever an issue arose the teachers, department leads and even the owner were quick to listen and communicate with us to try and help quickly resolve whatever the issue may be, this has always been most important to me, communication is key! Also, Bravo’s facilities are fantastic, clean, organized and up to date with today’s needed technologies! I’ve done a lot of research on the daycare’s in the area and there was no question that Bravo is the place to be!
The Tejeda Family
Picking a daycare for our child was an important decision for us, while I am in nursing school and my husband is living out of state for the Army. We did a lot of research in the area, being somewhat new to Utah and I know we made the best choice choosing Bravo! The staff has always been very welcoming and listened to our concerns. There have been a lot of times I needed care for our son so I can study and they have been more than helpful in doing last minute drop-offs. This has been such a huge help! The director specifically has been so adaptable for our ever-changing schedules, always making sure our needs are taken care of. She also emails my husband who is out of town, weekly pictures of our son to update him on activities he does throughout the week. She keeps communication with us and is so approachable, always answers our concerns. We are so happy we chose Bravo!
Chase & Korttney J
Although we drive 1 hour to get to Bravo’s Riverdale Daycare, we couldn’t be more pleased with our choice! This very new facility was built to care for and educate toddlers and children. We started taking our now 3.5-year-old when she was 18 months old and she immediately took to her new friends and all the activities that filled her days. The love and attention she’s received from all her teachers made it very easy for us to place our twins when they were 16 months old. Our 3 kids now spend their days at “school” and love every minute of it. We love the little hand & foot art paintings that cover our fridge (the caterpillar, the butterfly, the lion, and the love & peace signs).  Bravo has an amazing and caring team and we feel confident about leaving our kids with them. We love the monthly calendar of activities. Their structure and diversity are great. We speak French at home however my daughter’s English has improved because of what she’s learned in school and the curriculum has helped them all excel in so many ways. Bravo gave our daughter the opportunity to try tumbling, karate and ballet… she loves her ballet class and her cute little tutu. 😉 BRAVO to you Bravo Daycare!
Moyal Family
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We have been a Bravo family since 2013. We have done everything from preschool to tumbling, hip hop dancing, and karate. Every staff member is kind and helpful. The teachers we have had have been exceptional, not only with teaching my children but with the way they interact with each of them as individuals. We are so grateful to be apart of Bravo and highly recommend it to everyone we know!
The Gough Family
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We have been at Bravo Arts Academy for 6 years and we love it! Our children have participated in the daycare, arts classes, club camps, and summer programs. The staff has become like family and our kids are so excited every day when we walk in the door. My oldest daughter was so far ahead of the other children when she started kindergarten, the teacher couldn’t believe how advanced she was, and we owe it all to Bravo and their awesome curriculum. My 1 year old is always impressing people when we go out to dinner with all of the baby signs his teachers have taught him. We love that the teachers genuinely care about our children as if they were their own, and there is always a smiling face to greet us when we come in. Every teacher takes the time to say hello to the kids, even if they aren’t in the class!
Miller Family

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