You may have some expectations when you sign up for a karate class. Sometimes what we expect and what actually happens are completely different!

Here are 4 things you can expect from a karate class at Bravo.

1. Karate can be a challenge.

Fun, but a challenge! All martial arts skills take years to develop well. I spent roughly 20 hours a week in the studio and 20 hours at home practicing. Bravo martial arts gives an introduction to the world of martial arts and a glimpse into the lifestyle. Just because it is hard doesn’t mean it’s not fun or fulfilling. Give it time and martial arts will be one of the greatest gifts in your life.

2. Belt tests are tests!

Believe it or not, we do test students on their skills and knowledge before moving them forward. It shows the instructor how much dedication a student has to martial arts. This doesn’t mean the students need to be perfect. We want the kids to have a glimpse into the martial arts culture. Think of it this way, do we go to school and receive a test with a perfect score automatically? Not at all. We want the students to strive and work hard for it.

3. Karate is more than punches and kicks.

Martial arts is a lifestyle. At Bravo, we recite something we call our Bravo Karate Code. A code in martial arts helps us to understand why we do what we do. We also talk at the end of each class about different topics ranging from respect to anti-bullying.

4. We have great instructors here at Bravo.

Just because one instructor doesn’t click with your child does not mean they won’t like another. As with people that become our friends, we have to find the people we like. It’s the same with an instructor. That’s part of the reason we offer trial classes. We want the students to always feel comfortable.

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We look forward to teaching you these four things!

-Sam Buchmiller (Bravo Employee)