Cooking with kids sounds scary but it could be so much fun.  Yes, it will be messy and might not come out right but the effort is so worth it.  It gives you a chance to bond with them and teach them life skills.  Some tips I have learned while working with kids is:

  • Be patient
  • Let them do it without hovering too much
  • Keep it fun and light

The kids will love that they feel independent.  Some ideas of easy “cooking” ideas to get the routine started are ants on a log, no-bake cereal bars, and pancake poppers.  Just remember to keep it simple and appropriate for their age.  I have found the best time to cook with my kids is in the morning we make breakfast.  There are a lot of healthy and fun options and this allows them to choose what starts their day.

Remember to make time and don’t rush them.  Every child works at their own pace.

Bravo Employee: Hannah Sugimoto