Why should our children do art? What if they would rather be running around outside? That’s great because it burns off energy and gets them fresh air and to be honest that’s where I would have rather been growing up.  In fact I was and I didn’t take the time to do art but now I can honestly say I wish I would have.  As a teacher I know and understand the benefits that can come from simply running a paint brush over some paper and sparking our creative side.

First, it can be calming to make something from nothing.  It doesn’t have to be any extravagant because it is more about the process and not the end product.  Allow your child to enjoy the process and find calm in it.  Work with them to truly embrace it and find simplicity in the moment and not rush to finish the work of “art”.

Second, creating art teaches children to slow down and to have patience.  In today’s world patience is something we all need.  We are so used to the instance gratification that this can be a hard but great lesson.  Children are constantly entertained using other and electronics to entertain them that they sometimes forget to use their own creative minds.  Art allows them to tap into their own creativity and express themselves.  They will feel more accomplished and be proud of the work of art they create.

Not sure where to start on an art project.  Look around for subjects to create.  The world is full of ideas.  Use nature as a subject, household items, different materials from what you are reading or movies you seen, or pick your favorite color and go from.  The possibilities are endless.  Don’t make it complicated just get started!

Alyssa Crockett (Bravo Employee)