Requirements For This Position

  • 4+ Years Teaching Children OR Degree (Karate = Black Belt)
  • Arrives prepared with teaching plan each day
  • Communicates with parents at the end of every class
  • Ability to make students feel comfortable quickly
  • Excellent retention of students
  • Aligned with all company values

Hourly Pay & Compensation Package

We want to attract and keep experienced and/or degree holding teachers, thus we have exceptional starting pay at $20 per hour.  At times we have hired a very promising teacher with less experience at a lower hourly rate ($10-12). Pay raises are given based on successful completion of responsibilities and participation in continued training. You will belong to a small team of awesome people who are lead by a supportive manager who will check in with you often and give you a focused one on one meeting each month.  Your team will also get to choose socials throughout the year (paid for by Bravo) because we value culture and building friendships at work.  Click here for other Bravo employee benefits.

Job Description

  • Deliver WOW Parent Communication
  • Ensure students progress to the next level within 10-14 months 
  • Know and use Bravo’s curriculum (student skills, lesson outlines, technique sheets) as well as your own enhancements to ensure children learn at each class
  • Greet every parent and child by name at drop off
  • Prepare students for events (ex. parent days, recitals, shows, etc.)
  • Keep classroom clean and sanitary
  • Bring positive energy to the workplace every day


We have 3 Bravo locations.  Our teachers have the same schedule each week, though they may be at a different location each day.  For example, they may work Tuesday at Riverdale Bravo and Wednesday at Clearfield Bravo.  The hours for teaching positions greatly vary based on which class(es) you are qualified to teach, but will be in the 3:30-7:30 area 99% of the time.  We guarantee a minimum of 2 classes each day you teach and require all teachers to work a minimum of 2 days of 3-5 classes each day.

Contract – WHAT???

We do love our employees……however, we love our Bravo kids more. 🙂  Because of this, we look out for their needs first and we know a consistent adult role model is ideal for their sense of safety, emotional growth and educational experience.  A contract helps us eliminate “job hoppers” and attracts people who know they want a career working with children.  If the contract time commitment makes you uncomfortable, don’t apply.  Come back when you are ready to settle into a career with children.  If you are feeling fine about a contract, you must be an experienced teacher and/or a responsible adult, we’d love for you to apply. Click here to review our contract for this position.

Class Video Examples