Requirements Of Daycare TEACHER & DEPARTMENT LEADER Position

  • Considers themselves a teacher, not a babysitter
  • Ability to easily engage a group of children at any time 
  • Connects quickly with children
  • Communicates confidently with parents daily (male & female)
  • Smiley and approachable
  • Stayed at one job over a year in the last 3 years
  • Enjoys finding creative ways to enhance our lesson plans (Deliver WOW Value)
  • Department Leader: Requires classroom experience and/or degree
  • Summer Teacher: Pay is $9 + $300 bonus.  Must be available end May to end Aug.
  • Aligned with all company values

Requirements Of KITCHEN Position

  • Enjoys a fast paced environment
  • Ability to produce high quality food
  • Approachable and friendly when others make requests
  • Gets excited to impress staff & kids with special item (ex: dessert)
  • Food handlers permit
  • Great driving record for last 3 years, will drive van with kids
  • Stayed at one job over a year in the last 3 years
  • Aligned with all company values

Requirements Of CLEANER Position

  • Ability to move quickly on their feet for up to 3 hours
  • Ability to lift 30 lbs easily
  • Enjoys a fast paced environment
  • Greets children and employees
  • Enjoys following a checklist
  • Natural ability to Be Observant (value)
  • Aligned with all company values

Hourly Pay & Compensation Package

Our starting pay far exceeds the standard pay for this position in our area at $10 per hour.  We pay the best because we want to hire the best.  You will belong to a small team of awesome people who are led by a supportive manager who you will see often and get individual time with each week for a one on one meeting.  Your team will also get to choose socials throughout the year (paid for by Bravo) because we value culture and building friendships.  If you are interested in growing to a manager position you will get $10.50 per hour plus multiple pay raises each year (as well as other management benefits). Click here for other Bravo employee benefits. 


Daycare Teacher: Our full time daycare teacher schedule is typically four days, each shift 10 hours.  You get the same day off each week.  For part time positions we have afternoon only (requires a great driving record to use our vans to pick up at public schools) positions which would be M-F or part time positions we call substitutes.  Our substitutes choose 2-4 days per week (ex: Mon & Wed) and get guaranteed hours working in a variety of departments.

Kitchen: Our kitchen staff is always full time.  One shift starts at 6am and leaves at approx 2pm.  The other shift begins at 8am and leaves at 4pm.  The two kitchen employees are required to swap shifts once per week so both employees are competent with all breakfast meals. Shifts are given in order of seniority. 

Cleaner: Our cleaner positions are after hours.  This means your shift will begin between 5:30-6:30 Mon-Fri.  

Contract – WHAT???

We do love our employees……however, we love our Bravo kids more 🙂  Because of this, we look out for their needs first and we know a consistent adult role model is ideal for their sense of safety, emotional growth and educational experience.  A contract helps us eliminate “job hoppers” and attracts people who know they want a career working with children.  If the contract time commitment makes you uncomfortable, don’t apply.  Come back when you are ready to settle into a career with children.  If you are feeling fine about a contract, you must be an experienced teacher and/or a responsible adult, we’d love for you to apply. Click here to review the contract for your position.