Requirements for Office Staff Position

  • Types 40+ WPM
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Very, very smiley and approachable
  • Enjoys working on the computer using web-based programs
  • Naturally aligned with our “Conservative Minded” company value because you create the first impression
  • Aligned with all other company values

Differences in Hospitality Position

  • The position is always part-time, only in Riverdale Bravo.
  • Can be high school student (18 years not required for this position)
  • Pay is $8 and then grows with multiple pay raises per year, typically 2%
  • Must be able to be on feet for the entire 2-hour shift

Hourly Pay & Compensation Package

$10 per hour with multiple raises throughout the year, typically 2%. You will belong to a small team of awesome people who are lead by a supportive manager who you will see often and get individual time with each week.  Your team will also get to choose socials throughout the year (paid for by Bravo) because we value culture and building friendships.  Click here for other Bravo employee benefits.


At each Bravo location, we have a full-time AM staff and part-time PM staff.   Every shift is Monday-Friday, we rotate the handful of Saturdays we are open for events, we are always closed on Sunday. When we have a position open, we give priority to our current office team to switch schedules and/or Bravo location. The best place to find more details about which schedule is open see our current job openings document, we also try to put the Bravo location on here as well if it is known at the time we post the job.  The hospitality position is always part-time with the schedule of Monday-Thursday 4:30-6: 30 pm.

Contract – WHAT???

We do love our employees……however, we love our Bravo kids more 🙂  Because of this, we look out for their needs first and we know a consistent adult role model is ideal for their sense of safety, emotional growth, and educational experience.  A contract helps us eliminate “job hoppers” and attracts people who know they want a career working with children.  If the contract time commitment makes you uncomfortable, don’t apply.  Come back when you are ready to settle into a career with children.  If you are feeling fine about a contract, you must be an experienced teacher and/or a responsible adult, we’d love for you to apply. Click here to review the office staff & hospitality contract.