Requirements For This Position

  • Delivers WOW on welcome to each student & parent nightly
  • Comfortable talking with each parent during pick up
  • Ability to make students feel comfortable quickly
  • Must be 16 or older
  • Aligned with all company values

Hourly Pay & Compensation Package

The beginning hourly pay for parent date night teachers is $8.50 per hour.  You will get multiple pay raises per year, typically 2%, upon choosing to meet the 3 requirements explained on your contract.  If desired you can grow into the DL (department leader) position which starts at $11 per hour.  Typically we hire DL’s from the current staff, however, if the position opens we would hire from the outside if they are more qualified than our current team members.  Click here for other Bravo employee benefits.

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You will work two weekends per month.  One weekend in the Clearfield Bravo and the other weekend in the Riverdale Bravo.  You will need to arrive at 5:45 pm on both the Friday & Saturday evening and plan to stay until 10:15 pm (kids come 6:00-10:00 pm). The exact dates are scheduled in July for the entire following school year.  See our school calendar for current parent date night schedule.

Contract – WHAT???

We do love our employees……however, we love our Bravo kids more 🙂   Because of this, we look out for their needs first and we know a consistent adult role model is ideal for their sense of safety, emotional growth and educational experience.  A contract helps us eliminate “job hoppers” and attracts people who are invested in making a difference for kids.  If the contract time commitment makes you uncomfortable, don’t apply.  Come back when you are more settled.  If you are feeling fine about a contract, you must be an experienced teacher and/or a responsible adult, we’d love for you to apply. Click here to review our contract for this position.


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