Requirements For Preschool or Kindergarten Position

  • 4+ years paid teaching experience OR a bachelor’s degree
  • Considers themselves a teacher, not a babysitter
  • Ability to easily engage a group of children at any time
  • Connects quickly with children
  • Communicates confidently with parents (male & female)
  • Smiley and approachable
  • Ability to sing a tune with children (other music skills are trained)
  • Stayed at one job over a year in last 3 years
  • Enjoys finding creative ways to enhance our lesson plans (Deliver WOW Value)
  • Aligned with all company values

Hourly Pay & Compensation Package

As an experienced classroom teacher, you will begin at $15 per hour. You will belong to a small team of awesome people who are lead by a supportive manager who you will see often and get individual time with each week for a one on one meeting.  Your team will also get to choose socials throughout the year (paid for by Bravo) because we value culture and building friendships.  Click here for other Bravo employee benefits.


Our preschool classes start at 9:00 am or 11:30 am and run for 2 hours 15 minutes.  Parents can sign up for a class that runs two days per week (MW, TTh) or three days per week (MWF, TThF).  Your schedule will depend on which classes we have not yet assigned to other teachers (we give schedules based on seniority).  We see teachers typically leave the school at 2:00 pm unless they choose to stay and prep for the next week/month, etc.

Contract – WHAT???

We do love our employees……however, we love our Bravo kids more. 🙂  Because of this, we look out for their needs first and we know a consistent adult role model is ideal for their sense of safety, emotional growth and educational experience.  A contract helps us eliminate “job hoppers” and attracts people who know they want a career working with children.  If the school year contract time commitment makes you uncomfortable, don’t apply.  Come back when you are ready to settle into a career with children.  If you are feeling fine about a contract, you must be an experienced teacher and/or a responsible adult, we’d love for you to apply.  View our Preschool & Kindergarten Teacher Contract.

Class Examples