Karate Teacher Job

Karate Teacher Job Top 5 Requirements

  • Karate experience (martial arts, taewondo etc.).  Black belt and teaching experience preferred, but not required.
  • Ability to retain current students and make new students feel comfortable quickly.
  • Clear communication with parents at the end of every class.
  • Arrives with teaching plans each day.
  • Alignment with our company values.

Other Details About This Position

Small Classes: Our karate classes are small so you can focus on giving individual attention to every student.  To learn even more about Bravo’s classes go to our karate parent page. Small classes make classroom management much easier for you as the teacher.

Consistent Schedules: Bravo offers classeses Monday-Friday, typically in the afternoon/evening time. Once hired you will get to keep the same classes at the same Bravo location indefinitely.  (Yipee!)

Support:  Your initial paid training gives you the opportunity to learn, watch, and practice our Bravo teaching methods to ensure your success. Ongoing support includes a monthly 1:1 meeting with your department leader, access to our teacher training website, skill review videos & more.  The support you get in your Bravo job will amaze you!

Stability: Bravo has been a growing business for well over 20 years.  Our proven track record ensures stability and peace of mind for you knowing your new job can help support you and your (future) family.

Fun: Jobs are considered work, but at Bravo, work has opportunities for lots of fun.  Team socials, nametag stickers, company trainings with prizes (paid vacation days, trips, gift cards etc.), breakroom contests, teacher survival kits, yummy treats and more!

Contract: Teacher turnover hurts our Bravo kids, thus we have a contract to ensure we only attract and hire employees who are really committed to making a substantial, long term difference for kids.  Ensure you are ready to join Bravo by checking out the karate teacher job contract by clicking here.

Hourly Pay, Class Discounts & Benefits

  • Pay:
    • $20 per hour (black belt and/or 4+ years teaching experience)
    • $12-$15 (no black belt, no teaching experience)
    • Pay raises twice yearly!
  • Discounts:
    • FREE Arts Academy class for you
    • 50% discount on all Arts Academy classes for your spouse & children
    • 50% discount on all camps, material fee, field trips and drop & go (daycare)
    • 25% discount on supplies for classes (music books, dance tights etc.)
  • Benefits:

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