Why Choose Us For Karate?

  • Small class size
  • Unlimited makeup lessons or trade them in for FREE classes, camps, clinics (see makeup paragraph below)
  • Parent viewing ALWAYS open
  • Skill ribbons, weekly stamps, reward tokens and more
  • Individual skills sheet for every student so progression and goals are met at their own pace
  • Belt test fees are FREE and are held in class at Parent Day in March, June and November
  • $5 off your 2nd, 3rd, etc. Arts Academy classes
  • FREE school bag for all students
  • FREE show recording and no show fee
  • Happy Family Guarantee (100% money back on first month)

See Our Classes In Action

See a parent testimonial by Daniel Gibby

Class Description & Tuition

Students are taught by instructors who are trained in our exclusive curriculum.  As students progress individually, they will earn colored karate belts. Our belt tests take place at parent day (2x yearly) and the June show.  There is no extra charge for belt testing at Bravo.

Karate focuses on balance, coordination, endurance, self confidence, discipline and leadership. These are taught through punches, kicks, stances, forms & combinations. Our program promotes discipline, respect and how to avoid physical confrontation.

Benefits of Karate
Believe it or not… Karate can actually help your children in school! Focusing and following direction is taught in karate class which students then use in school to better focus and follow directions in an academic setting.  Our karate program foundation is not competitive, but we do believe that performing in front of an audience helps increase self confidence and motivation, so we have parent shows throughout the year.

Parent Viewing
Parent involvement is very important to us. All of our classrooms can be viewed either by window or via live TV monitors. Parent viewing is ALWAYS open.

We want our Bravo kids to always strive for progression. We help them achieve this with experienced, inspirational teachers as well as skill ribbons, reward tokens, parent days and even a free video of their June performance!

June Show
Our June Show is FREE to Bravo karate students.  This will include a class photo, performance recording (online access), tickets, medal and student gift.  WOW!  It is held at Bravo in Clearfield.

Individual Progression
For every student we have individual goal sheets to track their progress. We want your child to have the very best educational experience and advance to our junior black belt quickly.

Makeup Classes
We are thrilled to be the only school who gives unlimited makeup lessons!
Earn a makeup: Notify the front desk before noon or before your morning class begins.

Redeem a makeup: Go online to utahbravo.com to see available makeup classes, call or email us to reserve your spot. You may also trade in your earned makeups for summer club camp, clinics, drop & go, private lesson makeup day and parent date nights. Makeup lessons may be given to other children and/or friends. Makeup lessons never expire as long as you are enrolled at Bravo.Exceptional Facility
Our karate studio offers a floating marley floor or thick foam floor. Both types of flooring help to prevent injury and are optimal for karate instruction.

Tuition is $53 per month for a weekly 1 hour class.

Progression (Parent FAQ’s)

How do I help my child progress faster?
As with anything worthwhile, practice is key.  Because it’s not easy (or safe) to practice dance & tumbling skills in a home environment, taking more classes is the way to progress faster.

  • 1 Class Per Week = Fun & Educational
  • 2 Classes Per Week = Accelerated Learning, Advances Quickly
  • 3 Classes Per Week = Top Of Class, High Dedication

When will my child advance to the next level?
Depending on how many classes your child is taking each week will determine the answer to this question. On average a child taking 1 class per week advances levels every 10-14 months while a child taking 2 classes per week often moves every 6-8 months.  Every child advances at their own pace.  Teachers LOVE involved parents, don’t hesitate to ask questions.

I have a question or concern about my child’s progression, who do I ask?
The best person to ask these questions to is your child’s teacher.  However if you don’t feel comfortable, you can always reach out to our arts academy management team at arts@utahbravo.com or fill out a comment card anytime 🙂

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