Live Virtual Classes

Why Choose Bravo?

  • Live Interactions

    Our LIVE virtual lessons allow your child to interact & learn with their teacher each week.

  • Easier For Parents

    Virtual lessons are convenient for moms, no driving needed :)

  • Home Safety

    Keep your child safe at home but still learning from our specialized teachers

  • Experienced Teachers

    Bravo teachers have experience using technology to ensure your virtual lesson is excellent.

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Program Details

  • Music Lessons - Virtual Live Lessons

    Connect with your Bravo teacher virtually for your live lesson.  It’s super easy and can be done on a phone, iPod, tablet, laptop, etc.  Just put it by your instrument and you will continue to progress and learn fun songs while you talk and play (or sing) along with your music teacher.  You will also be given special access to engaging online music theory.

  • Art Lessons - Virtual Live Lessons

    Improving your art skill is interactive.  This is why we are offering virtual live lessons with our Bravo art teachers.  You can be part of a cool virtual experience where you can ask questions, show your teacher your work and watch as they demonstrate and teach you new techniques.  Each month we will even provide a packet of art supplies so you can easily participate at home.

  • Tuition

    • Private Music: $85 per month for a weekly class.
    • Cartoon & Traditional Art: $52 per month for a weekly class.
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Trying to decide between a few schools?

If you are looking for virtual live online lessons you have come to the right place. Here’s why more families choose us again and again since 1995.

  • Exclusive parent portal where you can review your child’s progress.
  • Unlimited makeup classes.  Trade in your makeups for ANY Bravo class.
  • Teachers who focus on building self-esteem and education.
  • Free performance recordings, reward tokens for vending machines, birthday prize wheel, student appreciation events and so much more!

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