Unlimited Makeups

At Bravo as long as you are enrolled your makeups never are lost!!

Earn A Makeup

To earn a makeup tell us in advance (by noon) you’ll be missing a class and you’ll earn a makeup.  Call 801-621-6683 or text 330-970-6401 or email info@utahbravo.com.

Choose How You Want To Redeem Makeups

  • Schedule makeup in ANY Bravo Arts Academy Class (music, art, karate, tumbling, dance, preschool etc.)
  • Trade in makeups for club camp.  These are 4-hour camps available when school is out (ex: spring break, holidays, summer etc.)
  • Trade in makeups for a parent date night.
  • Trade in makeups for 3 hours of drop & go in the daycare.
  • Use makeups for student’s sibling or parent to get FREE classes!

Schedule makeup

Click the below link to schedule your desired makeup. Please only schedule your makeup if you are sure you want the time.  We cannot reschedule or cancel.