I’m Angy Ford, the owner of Bravo, and I’d like to tell you how the Arts Academy began…

In 1991 I began teaching piano in Bountiful in my parents home to neighborhood kids. I LOVED it. When I turned 18, I bought my first grand piano and received a four year scholarship to Weber State University. I finished my degree in piano performance and won the Utah Student Teacher of the Year Award. I married (a really cute guy) and moved my studio to Ogden. I wanted to make a difference for more students, but I already was teaching 6 days a week until 9 or 10 pm, so I hired a friend from the university to come and teach with me in my home. My studio continued to grow and I soon took over the basement and converted the garage to a piano team studio. Eventually, my husband hinted he wanted his garage back, so I finally began the process of moving to a commercial business location. This move was a big step as I took my home based “hobby” business to one that began to support my family. Through a lot of hard work, prayers and the help of some good friends, we bought our first studio in South Ogden.

Since that time our South Ogden location has had much success, we have built onto the school two times and added other programs such as preschool, dance, tumbling, karate, and art. I love my Ogden roots, it’s where I feel I began to really make a difference to many, many students. On August 16, 2010 (a date I will never forget) we opened our second arts academy in Clearfield. I was so nervous about the mortgage and big financial risk I had taken on, but thankfully many families have wanted what we offer their kids. Five years later we were able to open our third arts academy in Riverdale on August 17, 2015.

People often ask me what’s next? Well, I can’t say I really had a written plan for everything that has happened this far, I think I’ll keep doing what I feel good about. Expansion is appealing, but so is more sleep, at least for a little bit.